Boys will be…

This morning I woke at five, hugged on Shrek, packed the car, and brought the boys to visit their uncle several hours south for the weekend.  Since our arrival I have napped, edited several poems, and “published” my fourth water poem entitled; “Lifeguards”. The boys have been inside once to pee. Their morning started like this:

Bonfires and machetes
Bonfires and machetes

I must say the recent article in the Atlantic exploring children and “dangerous” play certainly came to mind as I heard myself saying; “please remember we don’t run with the machete.” But, if anyone is equipped and competent at guiding these boys in satisfying and stimulating uproarious play–it’s Uncle.

They have not stopped laughing, yelling, racing, tossing, whittling, tossing, wheel barrowing, or screeching for three hours. They have bumps, scratches, pine needles, and sap stains all over them. They are in total bliss.

Marcel, shirtless, and cell drenched with the smell of smoke just came in to hug in me and tell me they are having an “epic adventure in boys will be….” He ran back outside before finishing the sentence.


Jump! (Post by Sam and Marcel)

Today both Sammy and Marcel have agreed to share their last summer journal entries* with their adoring fans. In Sammy’s case we wrote the opening sentence together, and then he dictated the rest. He’s been working on starting sentences with different words (instead of always using the word then) and ending with a closing sentence. When he can dictate, his writing is much meatier because he doesn’t limit himself to words he can spell!  In Marcel’s case, the “post” is a drawing of a special memory, and a few sentences dictated to me about the drawing.

Since the week of starting school is about all of us JUMPING in, these posts feel wildly fitting. To safe and easy landings to all of you, wherever you are in the leaping.

JUMP!!!! C 2012 Mama C and the Boys

Jump!  By Sammy

Yesterday Shrek, my brother and I built a ramp. First, we got a wood plank and found two other little pieces of wood. Next, we found a piece of pipe. Then we put the little pieces of wood together with nails, a hammer and a drill. We attached them to the ramp part, and added the pipe after we cut it to a littler size. To make it more stable we added a small piece of scrap wood to make it steady. Finally we smoothed the edge so that I could go up it without bumping. The best part was when I jumped in the air.


Jump II by Marcel with a preface by Mommy

Preface: We had an amazing weekend with my brother in his new digs, south of us in Massachusetts. During the visit we went on an incredible 1/2 day whale watching cruise, where we saw several humpbacks jump completely out of the water.

In Marcel’s words; “this is a picture of of  one whale jumping on one side, and a much bigger whale leaping out of the air on the other side. I am holding onto Uncle. Other people are on the boat too.”

Jump! By Marcel

* The goal was one journal entry a week over the summer. It ended up being more like one a month, with a total of three. We’re hoping to keep the journals up, at least once a month. It is a great deal of fun to go back and see how much we have grown in our writing, and thinking, not to mention all of our adventures.

Screen. Screamed. Screening.

The kindergarten screening was today. Too soon to tell just how relieved he is, but here’s to hoping! His teacher is clearly all about reassurance and welcoming. His classroom looks magnificent. Sam happened upon his new teacher too, who also is a rock star. No, really. Musician by night, amazing educator by day. He saw the names of his friends, and felt better too-although he doesn’t reveal 1/100th of what his little bro does. I have to remember to check in sometimes.

Because I’m doing this post on a mobile device-I’ve got the pictures a little out of order (flip the first 2), with no patience left to discover how to fix that. I have a little transition triggered head cold telling me to slow down… HA! Thanks for all the supportive comments on and off line in the last few days with all of our life shifts. We’re going to spend a couple of days chilling with Uncle this weekend in his new home. Everyone is really excited about that too. Bring it on!

And yes, Sam is wearing a self adhesive yellow mustache in one of the photos. Doesn’t every dentist give them out?!


2. Check in


3. Release


4. Exhale


5. Reflect


A little edgy one could say


The “What if I’m not good enough” gremlins have taken over Marcel’s central processor. The kindergarten build up is sending my angelic sweet pea into the lead role of the Hot Mess series at the Mama C ville community theater. Tantrums barely describes the constant flow of tears, kicks, thrown objects (mostly at Sam-who should be wearing the helmet) and the all around refusal and chaos mode he seems most comfortable in.

Yes, I’m reassuring him. The world is too. It doesn’t seem to be helping.

Yes, I’m acknowledging his feelings, and trying hard to give him strategies to navigate the feelings (breathing deep, lots of rest, almost no sugar, tons of exercise). We’ve gone to the playground at the school a few times every week. None of this seems to be helping either.

Tomorrow he meets his new teacher at his “screening”. This, I have insisted will help. “After you meet Mrs. Bindergarten and see your classroom you’ll feel so much better!” He seems skeptical.

But if I had to start a new full time job, with little real knowledge of the expectations, place, colleagues or BOSS I’d be a hot mess too. Being the child of a demi-perfectionist/ control seeking Mama is not helpful at this time perhaps?

We just got back from the library, and checked out every “first day of school” book we could grab. Overkill?

In the car this morning he says; “Will I always be able to find my room? What if someone else is at my cubby?” We’re getting closer to harnessing the beast I’d say.

Any other parents out there with some back to school jitters under your roof? What are your best strategies? What’s helped the most?

things I love about you

Cupid from the archives

Dear Sam,

Here are the first five things that come to my mind that I cherish and adore about you:

1. How you take in so much more than you let on-your depth.

2. How you can complement a friend’s artwork, seconds after they have insulted yours-your generosity.

3. The way every cell in your body works together when a baseball is coming towards you from the mound-your physical intelligence.

4. Your willingness to do something new-your adventuresome spirit.

5. Your forehead under my palm when we cuddle-how you receive love.

Cupid #2-from the archives

Dear Marcel,

Here are the first five things that come to my mind that I cherish and adore about you:

1. How you share whatever is on your mind-your truth.

2. How your hard mood can change so easily with a hug, or an “uppy”-your willingness to let go.

3. The questions. The constant questions-your search for meaning.

4. When you touch me on the nose and say; “I see sunshine right here”-your affection.

5. The way the world revolves around Sam, and then all of your people-your capacity for love.


I am so ridiculously blessed to share this lifetime with you both.

Always, Mama

Classic Mama C and the Boys from the archives

And to all of my readers–thank you for all the love you share with us–the ways you hold and care for us–and the space you create for all of this to happen. To those of you who are waiting for the love (s) you will soon shower your adoration upon–I wish you ease and a moment of peace, that all is exactly as it is meant to be and it will unfold beautifully as it is meant to.