When a Sunday is a Sunday


One of the most remarkable things I have noticed about my shift to part time so far, is that a Sunday has become truly a day of rest.  For the past eight or so years,  Sunday was anything but restful for me. Sunday was the day to get everything accomplished: the laundry, the house cleaning, the groceries, the bills, the return calls, and emails, the to do lists, the arrangements for help the following week, the fall clothes out and ready, the summer clothes packed or given away. Sunday was when my Monday obligations would crawl up into my spine as soon as I stopped working on my Sunday ones. Sunday was often sewn with guilty thread around the edges for the time I wasn’t spending at play with the boys.

Now that I do not go into work on Monday, I have this day to write, and tend, and connect, and take care of what else I need to. It allows Sunday’s potential to spread her arms upward to the sky and be whatever we want her to.  Yesterday that looked like almost eight hours at the skatepark, a picnic, coaching Marcel’s soccer team, cooking a delicious dinner, and an early night to bed. My sense is that this is wildly close to what I dreamed a Sunday could like with my family.

And we’re off…

And we're off
And we’re off

I am working part time this year.

It was a very brave choice on many levels.

This is me riding the boys to school last Friday, because I can.

I’ll be doing that again tomorrow, weather permitting.

Why I made the decision, the creative ways we came up with to finance the undertaking, and what I am learning about myself in the process will be forthcoming here.

Quote of the week relating to this dramatic shift came from a friend of a friend; “Catherine you wear part time beautifully. It really suits you.”

Homage to the beginning

Summer has finally begun In our district. School ended last week. Camps, books, beaches, lakes, skate parks, camping, kayaking, music, family, friends, and hopefully lots of ease are all possible in the next two months. The end of the school year was bumpy and uneasy for many of us.. I have, at least for the next year, stepped out of my role as a classroom teacher and am transitioning in the fall to a part time position that is being designed. I will still work with students, but in a different capacity. The big hope here is more time to volunteer in the boys’ classrooms, and a little more intention towards the writing and the race work. Big goals with substantially less income. This is a recipe for something… For now anyway, it’s time for all of us to regroup and reconnect in this gentle familiar of summer. I’d love to hear from all of you, what is one way summer allows you to restore and reconnect? With yourself? With family? With your body? With your library? Your creativity? Inspire us!