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And that was just yesterday morning! Home for a nap. Then to the Sea Dog’s baseball game, which included a chance to run the bases after the game with four zillion other very excited kids. On the walk home we stopped in the park to newly reopened splash or stomp pond (think giant concrete play space that has intermittent spouts of water flying up “to Jupiter”that Sammy loves stomping on to make them go even higher!) followed by an hour of streetball with me pitching, and the neighbors joining in. As easy dinner and a live episode of Hill Street Blues (shows you how long it has been since I’ve had a television connect) right outside your living room window before bed.

We watched the man who was making very bad choices be taken away in a paddy wagon for a very long time out, surrounded by five other cars.  He looked very FBI’s most wanted being cuffed and led away. Sam’s take; “Wow Mommy. What if that had happened while we were right there playing baseball?” Marcel’s take; “Well Sam that is why we have police officers. So that we can keep playing baseball without being sad or hurt.”

Today we have NO plans. I hope to get all domestic  sew some new curtains, make pancakes, and play with the nutballs. Oh the parade, and the cook out. OK a few plans. Honoring those who have passed in a very kid accessible way is on the agenda too. YOU?

MC&theBoys: Saturday rough cut

Ready to be back up catcher in a hockey helmet/ Mama C and the Boys

It’s just after 6:00 am
Marcel will wake in about 15 minutes.
If I want more than this precious 1/4 hour alone, I wake at 5:00.
With laundry to sort, and a list as long as my left arm of things to do,
and more to remember to write down
I passed out last night next to Cellie.
He asked me to rub his back one more time
because he just needed to know [I] was his mommy.
As lines go, that one pretty much anchored me next to him for eternity. Continue reading “MC&theBoys: Saturday rough cut”

Tricks, skills and ah-has over here!

Sammy's new trick/ All Rights Reserved Mama C and the Boys

When you have the kind of growth curves we’ve been having around here, coupled with a few trips to the emergency care, and about nineteen thousand practices, games, and lessons all in the same day, you become less of a ponderer, and more of a survivalist. You inch your way to that cup of instant coffee on Sunday, eying your keyboard wistfully. Can you claim it, before the Yo Gabba Gabba DVD in the laptop hour? Continue reading “Tricks, skills and ah-has over here!”

Sammy Saturday: Flash interview with #1 son

Sam when you look at this picture, can you tell me what you see.

Grass, field, goals, and kids.

Where are you going?

I am going to Florida.

Why Florida?

Because Florida has Disney World.

What are you best at in the world?


What would you like to be best at in the world?

Gymnastics. Continue reading “Sammy Saturday: Flash interview with #1 son”

Sammy Saturday: Final shot of the season

Sammy Swish!/Mama C and the Boys

Here is the letter Sam just wrote to his kindergarten and P.E. teacher, who both came to watch his final game. Sammy invited them on his own. It meant the world to him, and all of the kids on the court that their teachers were there:

Dear Mr. L, and Mrs. M,

How did you like the game? It was pretty good. I liked it because I did one hundred baskets. Getting to see you on the bleachers made me laugh. Thank you for coming to watch my game!!!!


Marcel Monday: Stretchers don’t hurt? (book review)

The firefighter and his keeper/ Mama C and the Boys

Marcel’s new favorite book is hands down This is the firefighter by Laura Godwin. I love it because the firefighters are female, male, Black, White, and in between. I love that the crowds in the story wear saris and dreadlocks and whatever they choose. We call the one with dreadlocks Tree (Marcel’s donor’s name) because Marcel decided that is what he looks like now. Continue reading “Marcel Monday: Stretchers don’t hurt? (book review)”

Sammy Saturday: Can we visit my first mom?

How do you say no to this?/Mama C and the Boys (2010)

Just like that. He overheard a conversation I was having with friends who are planning a trip to meet their son’s birth parents.  Later that night he asked; Mom can we go visit Tea soon?

Because of the conversation I had earlier that day I was already wondering the same question. I often think he has a touch of the mind reader in him though.

He was in the top bunk. He was looking at a picture of her, in a frame across from him on the wall.

Maybe is all I said.

Please? He replied.

I’d like that too. I answered, while looking him in the eye, and rubbing the back of head, standing on the edge of Marcel’s bed. Can I come too? Marcel asked from below. Continue reading “Sammy Saturday: Can we visit my first mom?”

Sammy’s first shot!

#9 is my #1/Mama C and the Boys

Dear Coach,

I love when I get to dribble the ball down the court. It is fun. Today at our game, who won?  Did you catch all the baskets? I scored one. I dribbled, and then at one point I tried. I was looking so hard, and one of the coaches told me to “Shoot!” So I did. I heard the swish.

Love, Sam


Sam dictated this letter to his coach. It was his idea to write this letter for his post. Then he read it out loud to me. What better way to relive the magnificence of Sam’s first basketball shot then to hear him write about it.

Splash dance

Mattress landing/Mama C and the Boys

Checking in from the “business center” (read small room with a Dell computer that renders me semi useless). Not sure how I managed to even get one photo from my phone to the desk top to here on my own. We are visiting our “surrogate” grandparents-Carol Anne and Dave in Rhode Island. Their daughter Sage has been my dear friend since college. She helped to navigate my way to Sam, and deliver Marcel. We are having one of the sweetest weekend adventures ever. A few hours in the car, and a hotel stay. The hotel has a pool. We have been there five times in two days. Need I say more? Oh, and a television with cable! (We don’t have this luxury at home–we’re a video only family.) And long hallways. Free breakfast buffet with a waffle maker. Two huge beds next to each other that serve as a run way and a launch pad.

In case you are still trying to figure it out, that first image is Sam in flight. Blue top, red suit. Marcel–the angelic one–was the leap from bed to bed instigator by the way. I have been nearly technology and worry free for over 48 hours. I am super good at leaving it behind when I’m away. OK the combination of smoke and hair spray eminating from the other business center hotel guest, just hit the beyond manageable place. How are you celebrating your magnificent selves this weekend? What can you shake up to create a little magic?

Lambie times two/ Mama C and the Boys