After grinding comes goofing in our dictionary

Almost every day of the fall includes a visit to this particular location. Sam has explained that skateboarding actually helps him feel calm in his body. I believe it.

Bragging rights here: the kid is good. Goofing rights here: the little brother is a little bored with #1’s celebrity status at the skatepark. The rain momentarily spooked off the other thirty lads (not a gender neutral sport around these parts) leaving us the rare opportunity for the mamarazzi to get right up in there and film.

At about thirty five seconds you might lose your ability to sip, or chew. Be warned.

Outrageous (laughter)

Sam leveled me with laughter three times in the last few days:

1. When Marcel was dancing around the room, singing some undecipherable ditty, Sam looks at me and says; Mom you are the one who decided to have that child.

2. At pick up from daycare on Friday when asked how his day was, his response; Bad. I can’t get the girls to marry me, if they won’t listen.

3. Last night, as I was drifting into my own thoughts while rubbing his back at bed time I say softly; “I didn’t yell once today.”  Mr. does not skip a beat replies; Good job.

When he is cracking the jokes, and I am noticing them it is a sign of good times. Summer shift is upon us. Hopefully many more outrageous one liners to come!

Outrageous (Laughter)

“No Sam. You can’t have more cake. You just asked for some ice cream by itself.”

“Uncle, I just don’t get you sometimes.”


“Sam, that’s probably a good thing.”

“Uncle, I think we should just change the subject and talk about something else. Like the people we love in our lives.”



“Marcel, can you turn that into a request instead of a demand?”

“Sure. (pause) Can I need milk now PUH-LEASE DARLING BEAUTIFUL MOM?”


“Does Marcel have a daddy?” Continue reading “Outrageous (Laughter)”

#2 Speaks the Truth (video)

After calling me “beautiful Mama” and telling me how much he loved me, Marcel asked if he could “tell the camera too”. I obliged. The lesson here; don’t flaunt it baby. Or, don’t ask the questions you don’t really want the answers to? The good news here: he does love his school! Off to make the most of a non school day none the less..Happy Weekend to all.

*Hair disclaimer-it was first thing in the morning. We have an unwritten law–absolutely no spray bottles before breakfast.