Summer hours for Mama C

Our new backyard!

I woke up at 5:00 to complete my  post for Moms of Hue, that is up now. It begins in Monhegan, and explains in step by step fashion how you too can have a backyard oasis like this.

Sam starts soccer camp today, for a week, and Marcel and I have our first Mommy Marcel day of the summer.  He hasn’t decided what he’d like us to do. Last night he suggested a space ship ride. Knowing him, there is probably an email from NASA waiting in my inbox.

We are living outdoors. We are thriving.  I am feeling like a good mom more of the time than not. That feels good. Our bathing suits are almost always on, or on the line drying.  We’re learning to live with bugs, and not in fear of them. We are making new friends, and accepting that kindergarten is not far away. We are growing up.  I am in it, this summer we’re having, and it feels different this year.

What changes do you notice as you get outside, and see each other more as time permits?