Outrageous (laughter)

Sam leveled me with laughter three times in the last few days:

1. When Marcel was dancing around the room, singing some undecipherable ditty, Sam looks at me and says; Mom you are the one who decided to have that child.

2. At pick up from daycare on Friday when asked how his day was, his response; Bad. I can’t get the girls to marry me, if they won’t listen.

3. Last night, as I was drifting into my own thoughts while rubbing his back at bed time I say softly; “I didn’t yell once today.”  Mr. does not skip a beat replies; Good job.

When he is cracking the jokes, and I am noticing them it is a sign of good times. Summer shift is upon us. Hopefully many more outrageous one liners to come!

Seriously Mom-One Liners from the Boys

In the car on the way to get an ice cream to celebrate all things good, Marcel says;

Mom I am so serious about this ice cream.

While eating the ice cream he proclaims;

This is very serious ice cream Sammy. Don’t be silly about it!


Trying to rearrange his disheveled sheets, Sam says;

This is really difficult up here.

I respond; Difficult is a tremendous word to describe that Sam.

To wit to woo, Sam replies; Tremendous is a fine word too.


At the end of my rope with the endless requests (more milk, yogurt, playtime, that toy over there we never play with..) before bedtime I say in a loud and clear tone; The next request is not only not going to be granted but it will result in the loss of a story!! (Can I do that?)

Sam’s quickness here startles me; “Mom, can I please have some more loving?”


Marcel, sitting quietly in the living room surrounded by blocks in some kind of formation;

Mom, I can’t handle it.

Can’t handle what Marcel?

Can’t handle going to the moon without you.