Quote Unquote (Marcel strikes again)

"Take this picture Mommy. Aren't I too cute in this hat?" c Mama C and the Boys
“Take this picture Mommy. Aren’t I too cute in this hat?” c Mama C and the Boys

It’s 3:13am.

“Mommy!  Mommy? Mommy?!” came the calls from the next room.

His tone sounds so defeated, so pained as Marcel delivers this message to my weary and mildly attentive self standing next to his bed; “Mommy I just feel so lonely.”

Marcel, you have twenty-five stuffed animals right here. Here’s Rudolph, Lamby,  Chippy and…”

“Oh Mommy. You just don’t understand. It’s just that none of my stuffed animals are able to meet my needs anymore.”


“You know Mommy you really are so blessed. I mean you have seriously amazing kids.”


While pointing to his picture of a crocodile, a poodle, a giant pigeon, and a dinosaur all on leashes “being walked across a bridge by a very strong mommy,” he paused, looked up and said; “Huh. It seems like she is being pulled in so many directions.”


In the car tonight on the way to a friend’s house Marcel commands; “Raise your hand if you are going to get married soon, or if you have the best almost dad ever!”


Any glorious one liners to share? They do keep my head above water most days I have to say. The kid sure can craft a line.

Sammy Saturday: Flash interview with #1 son

Sam when you look at this picture, can you tell me what you see.

Grass, field, goals, and kids.

Where are you going?

I am going to Florida.

Why Florida?

Because Florida has Disney World.

What are you best at in the world?


What would you like to be best at in the world?

Gymnastics. Continue reading “Sammy Saturday: Flash interview with #1 son”

Marcel Monday: I know you!

Looking sharp/ Mama C and the Boys

A few one liners from #2 to ease your Monday.

Upon waking and seeing me; “Hey! I know you.”

While eating cheese crackers; “I think they are too small. Can we call them cheese cracks instead.”

While watching me grade student papers; “Mom, that doesn’t look like poetry? You are supposed to be writing poetry today.”

The shearing above happened last night. He wanted to be bald like his brother:

Mixed Nuts

from the archives: A year ago at Mama C

Marcel: Mommy can you say Ah-key-ah-ta?
Me: Akiata
Marcel: Say that four or seventeen more times and you will turn into a bird.

At breakfast with the grandparents, we went around the table stating one thing we’d like to learn how to do, do more of, or get better at in 2011:

Marcel: Uhmm. I know! I know! I’m going to not bonk my head so much.
Sam: Ski, play hockey, and ice skate better.
Marcel: And never fall through the ice Sam!

Sam and I were at the store yesterday picking out a cartridge for his new Leapster Explorer-the compromise for the DSI wanting 5 y.o.-that he was given for his birthday by
his grandparents. We walk in, he stops in front of me holds up a stop sign arm and says; Mom this is all about me–that means no peeking-not even for a second at clothes for you. And then he walks on. Huh.


At the end of a very poor, wildly frustrating lack of customer service event I say; Now I see why they call it Radio shack! (lower case for emphasis of course.) As it turns out, the frustration on my part was probably exaggerated, but still.

Mixed Nuts

Marcel losing a pouting contest (from the archives)

Marcel: Mom?! Why did you put seltzer in my ginger ale? I just wanted the ginger part!
Me: No honey, that’s what ginger ale tastes like. Unless you let it go flat.
Marcel: Flat is for pancakes. I am not a pancake.

Later that day, Marcel tries again;

Marcel: “I am going to put the cup over here until all the fuzzy parts leave.”

The stomach flu has chosen Mama C as it’s latest victim. With a steady stream of help, I’ve managed to stay in my bed most of the afternoon. At the moment the boys are running around in circles around my bed, in anticipation of bath time. Too many movies over here.

Mixed Nuts*

“You and Sam can have the (blueberry) pie. I don’t think my body should turn blue right now.”

Marcel and the wisdom of the body, after having the stomach flu.

*My new name for the one liner posts, intended to just hand you the occasional MamaCandtheBoys variety chortle. I loved how Honeysmoke has her “Quote Unquote” posts. I’ve finally found my name for it!

And to you, a boot to the head

Marcel sand and goldfish.

I am having a rather sensational night life these days.

Marcel has dreams that are big.  Marcel has needs that are bigger.

Take last night for example: after finding his way to my room, and settling in next to me around 2:00 am, I am awakened to full throttle screaming an hour later; No Sammy! That is MY book. GIVE IT BACK! I try to soothe him, and let him know he is dreaming. This is apparently not what one is supposed to do. He screams louder; I AM NOT DREAMING!!!! DON”T TAKE MY BOOK. GO AWAY! And then he kicks. Or hits. Or both. He is asleep seconds later while I lay there stunned, and full of adrenaline.

Then there was the sweet waking which went like this an hour or so later; Mommy I want you to hold me right now. I just love you. I want a donut. Get my B.B. King book. Don’t let Sammy eat my donut or my book…. And then he goes back to sleep.

Yesterday while half awake my little dictator sees me in the kitchen and demands; Mom come here right now and get into your bed! Did you hear me? Don’t ignore me.! It is moments like these where I pause and wonder many things..

All of this I prefer over waking to a foot in the eye socket, when #two adoring son finds that #1 adoring son has made his way into the bed before he did. Full on face kick from my mini monster Marcel on Thursday.  It may be time to borrow Sam’s Star Wars fighter helmet for protection.

How’s your parenting night life?