Everything Drawer

I wouldn’t want any of these per se. But I love repetition.

Visually, I love things, usually industrial sized things in repetition.

Maybe a little country house one day, and the yellow, white or ice blue one in the corner with a vase of hand picked wildflowers.

Meantime; my everything drawer looks like this;

a) Momscongress is in two weeks. I have received an agenda, and the event looks jam packed with speakers, town halls, and opportunities for all these U.S. moms to come together, gather thoughts, consider and hopefully reflect. More on that as it gets closer. Right now I am just trying to gather a Washington, D.C. spring outfit together from what I’ve got, and what the Goodwill has if I don’t. I am less and less able to set foot in a clothing/department store and pay all sorts of money for things made my children is sub par working conditions, here and abroad. How many other folks out there are thrift store shoppers? Continue reading “Everything Drawer”

Teeter Totter Flight or Fodder

Am I the rhubarb or the mushroom man?

Welcome to my current mental and emotional state.

Working full time, writing all the time, parenting permeates all time-

while contemplating selling the house, moving across country and starting our next chapter in a new land.

Couldn’t be a worse time to do any of the above according to the realtor’s findings, or the education classifieds on the west coast.

And yet every morning I wake up wanting to just be in the momentum of the move, and gripped by what if induced trepidation. Continue reading “Teeter Totter Flight or Fodder”