Marcel Monday: Smoothie Guys go screen free

Marcel’s Superhero Guy Smoothies:

two cups(ish) Greek non fat yogurt

1 frozen banana (we cut up nanas that have gone brown on the outside, and freeze them for smoothie time!)

1 scoop of protein powder (in the cupboard to boost up the smoothies when I remember)

1 cup of frozen berry mix (blues, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries)

3/4 cup frozen spinach (shhhhhhhhhh)*

enough liquid to make it smooooooth: rice milk, or cranberry juice are our faves


*I was accused of subterfuge here I think that is a bit strong.

Any other clever recipes you feel like sharing?  Marcel decided he wanted to shake it up here, and share his favorite food, and a few toys for good measure.

Reminder: This is turn off your screens/televisions week. For an excellent post on the topic see this piece by Pragmatic Mom. (We don’t have a television per se so we started in the green today. We just do videos). Sam and I planned out a few activities including: skateboard park, planting radishes

playdough challenge

painting, and whining. As it is Spring break here, we’ve got time, and play dates on our side too. Last night: we had a playdough challenge after dinner while I cleaned up the dishes etc. Super fun. I call out a word; “Starfish”. Then I turn over the egg timer, and the boys both try to complete a starfish before the timer went off. Then they took turns coming up with the next challenge; airplane and pizza. And yes you are seeing both home made playdough (not my doing) and this groovy homemade kind you can buy (not my doing either).

Marcel Monday: Truth is a many plastic thing

Mama C and the Boys/ Line up!

Marcel:  I want to have a regular daddy. Does this guy have a regular daddy? (holding up a Playmobil guy)

Me: Maybe he had a donor.

Marcel: A coast guard donor? A brother and a coast guard donor?

Me: Sure


Marcel: OH NO!

Me: (from other room) What happened?

Marcel: There are Legos all over your kitchen floor!


Marcel: You want a piece of me?

Lego via Marcel: Pick a piece!


Marcel (to the assembled masses of plastication all over the kitchen table)  OK friends, time to go night night! Can you all get in your bed box, and meet me here in the morning?