You know it is spring when… (hint it involves wheels, and more wheels)

Sam has returned! And, he is so much better. Sigh.
Sam has returned! And, he is so much better. Sigh.
"It's Spring Mamacita. It's time to tango with your Rango."
“It’s Spring Mamacita. It’s time to tango with your Rango.”

On Mondays, a Mommy pick up from school day (verses the after school arts enrichment program pick up) we have a pathetic, but fun little ritual of a shake and fries at McDonalds to acknowledge that Mondays are, well, Mondays. Today, on the way to the Golden Arches, Sam screamed; “Mom!!!!! The skate park! Look!!!! The snow is GONE!!!!”

Indeed it was. This means one thing. Well, ten things really that must now happen in sequence, starting NOW.

1. Get fatty sugary treat.

2. Stop by house and get skateboards, helmets, bikes, football, and water bottle. (Hot cocoa would have worked for me.)


4. Navigate muddy, wet, snow bordered circumference of park with one son on bike, while other son notices how much he’s improved after being away for four months.

5. Get nice boots really muddy.

6. Thank the electrician named Rusty from across the street, for helping you get the football Marcel launched into the irrigation drain intentionally, out, after he noticed our distress. (Optional: tell Rusty your first cat was a kitten from the shelter you chose because it orange, because you wanted to name it Rusty. When this doesn’t seem to have the desired effect, explain that it was, and might still be your favorite name.)

7. Snap many photos and upload the best onto Instagram because you have to have something to look forward to for the next eight months when all you hear when you pick up the kids is; “CAN WE PLEASE GO TO THE SKATE PARK????”.

8. Feel the sun on your face. Exhale. Notice buds on trees. Inhale. Repeat.

9. Remind grateful air born child that the deal was we would leave when Mommy’s fingers were blue.

10. Remind grateful self that he still wants you to watch how he get’s air as he grabs the board and spins.

What water? What snow?
What water? What snow?
Getting a taste for the drop...Helping your brother carry his board.
Getting a taste for the drop…Helping your brother carry his board.

Bring it!

This the best you got Maine?
This the best you got Maine?

Good morning all. Yesterday we had the pleasure of a lovely afternoon with friends of Shrek a little west of here. Part of the deliciousness of the day featured a stroll on their land in the crunchy snow. Land. trees. No properties for miles. This is the way much of the state is, although I often forget this, living in the “city”. I love that the boys are as at ease racing through the woods after a lumbering glove snatching golden retriever as they are taking in all the majesty of a gospel concert celebration for MLK day at the theater.

A few other sweet moments captured below include Sammy belting out  A Sick Day for Amos McGee to his brother before bed, and he and Shrek finding their groove during a little harmonica and guitar duet. The weekend also featured all sorts of craft things like sewing, looming, and drawing by the lot of us. One source of great pride for the two of us as co-parents (yes I did just write that) is our commitment to no television before 10:00am on the the weekend.  It’s not that we object to screen time–it has it’s place over here indeed. It’s that we both objected to the intrusion of the sound of it, on our combined living space early in the morning. Over time we have helped the boys learn all sorts of other things they can do–electronic free until then. Reading, drawing, and the ukelele are on the top of the list. Connect the dots, playing with the million figurines Marcel has amassed, looming, and cuddling are up their too. It seemed like an uphill battle at first, but come around here at 8:45 on a Sunday these days, and you’ll think you’re on the set of Little House on the Prairie or something.

reading to my brother
reading to my brother
Blues duet
Blues duet

The sounds of little feet coming towards me signal the end to this sweet little start to my week with the MamaC extended family. Thanks for sharing the morning with me, I feel you out there, and miss you when I don’t write. To being seen, reaching out to others, and believing in the best in all of us today. Bring it on Monday!

Marcel Monday: Signs of life (in Maine)

Spring here is called mud season. Or Farchil (a word that I heard for the first time, Saturday)  which means February, March and April all slushed into one.  On a little walk up north yesterday, Marcel and I went looking for signs that winter is ending in a few weeks.  We found many. Can you detect all the good omens below?

Watering can popping up/ Mama C and the Boys
The glisten of mud, an unzipped coat/ Mama C and the Boys

That you are seeing the road, and not snow, and enough solar power to cause my little temperature sensitive one to unzip are all key. That he could find a stick to pick up, that was not under the snow, or frozen solid is another clue. That I can’t get anyone out of bed this morning because of daylight savings time…

To Farchil and beyond!