Lego makes us MEAN and MAD when we are BROWN.

And the Brown one is a?/ Mama C and the Boys

I know it has been said before. (See this Open Letter to Lego at PNR and although I could not find the link this morning, I know that several pieces devoted to Lego’s other bad moves have been posted over at Love Isn’t Enough.) It just feels so ridiculously WRONG here. Marcel LOVES these little figures. He earns one every few days when he sleeps in his own bed all night, or accomplishes other heroic feats. Well he EARNED them. The last “series” had all YELLOW which we talked about and contrasted with his other Lego people like say:

Our family in Lego/ Mama C and the Boys

these.  We love these Lego people. We ordered them from their education site, which is beautifully peopled with all sorts of COLOR.  SO the little yellow ones could be justified as an exception, a mini tribe of yellow plastic people. Continue reading “Lego makes us MEAN and MAD when we are BROWN.”