Dance Party-Now that’s funny

On (nearly) full blast.

For over half an hour.

The entire family sweaty and ridiculous.

OK, I was the ridiculous one. Which reminds me of the story of me taking an African Dance class back when I lived in New York City, about fifteen years ago. The instructor who was from the Congo had these words to say to me; “This is a dance about gathering the fish and taking them to the village. What you are doing looks more like someone who is killing the fish by flinging them to their death. Put them in the net, like this.”

Truth is, it is impossible not to smile when dancing with my boys. Afterwords, Sammy hugged the lactic acid out of me while saying; “I don’t care if you are sweaty. I love you a lot Mom.” Marcel was too busy dancing with his electric guitar to a song in his head.

September marks many beginnings. Kindergarten, new preschool, and a new year of growth and possibility for me in my teaching. It may mark other firsts.

But one not so quiet apparently little commitment I am making public here, is a challenge to laugh and smile in a large and meaningful way with my boys at some point every day. I am too blindingly serious all the time. I work my petunia off  (as Marcel’s new teacher calls it) and I need to get goofy.

The boys need to see me laugh, I need to laugh.

I feel like I lost a little, no, a lot of my funny bone in the last six or so years. Single parenting and adoption are not two of the funniest ways to create a family, true. Grief and exhaustion as a starting point for making it happen, do not lend oneself to knee slappers at the changing table. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t humor here, and there. That doesn’t mean I have to lose my connection to my often times wildly perceptive sense of the humorous in it all.

And we all know that there are serious health benefits to humor.

I want my kids to know me as a fully balanced and bubbly woman, not a work horse who barks at them.

I want that for myself too.

How do you keep it funny–when you are not feeling the humor?  What are your easy goof it up secrets? (And please don’t say television, because we don’t have one of those.) How would you help a serious Mama with a little lighten it up makeover?

I feel funnier already.

Being late to my first day back at work full time? It might be a stretch to make that into a punch line…

Outrageous (laughter)

Sam leveled me with laughter three times in the last few days:

1. When Marcel was dancing around the room, singing some undecipherable ditty, Sam looks at me and says; Mom you are the one who decided to have that child.

2. At pick up from daycare on Friday when asked how his day was, his response; Bad. I can’t get the girls to marry me, if they won’t listen.

3. Last night, as I was drifting into my own thoughts while rubbing his back at bed time I say softly; “I didn’t yell once today.”  Mr. does not skip a beat replies; Good job.

When he is cracking the jokes, and I am noticing them it is a sign of good times. Summer shift is upon us. Hopefully many more outrageous one liners to come!

Seriously Mom-One Liners from the Boys

In the car on the way to get an ice cream to celebrate all things good, Marcel says;

Mom I am so serious about this ice cream.

While eating the ice cream he proclaims;

This is very serious ice cream Sammy. Don’t be silly about it!


Trying to rearrange his disheveled sheets, Sam says;

This is really difficult up here.

I respond; Difficult is a tremendous word to describe that Sam.

To wit to woo, Sam replies; Tremendous is a fine word too.


At the end of my rope with the endless requests (more milk, yogurt, playtime, that toy over there we never play with..) before bedtime I say in a loud and clear tone; The next request is not only not going to be granted but it will result in the loss of a story!! (Can I do that?)

Sam’s quickness here startles me; “Mom, can I please have some more loving?”


Marcel, sitting quietly in the living room surrounded by blocks in some kind of formation;

Mom, I can’t handle it.

Can’t handle what Marcel?

Can’t handle going to the moon without you.