Read this: Smoooooooch

On Fridays I pick up Sam and we go to the local comic book and video store, before going to get Marcel. It is becoming a cherished ritual most weeks, thanks to the introduction of Miles Morales this fall.  I find that I need to get each issue the moment it comes out, and Sam loves poking around the store. Talk about a literacy teacher’s dream date. Continue reading “Read this: Smoooooooch”

Linky love: books & kids & diversity & adoption and…

Reading with the pro!

I am always inspired by Our Little Tongginator’s Linkage post on Sundays. She does an amazing job searching the net, and providing the readership with links that she may or may  not agree with, but find worthy of note (almost all  of which have some major adoption/race related connection).  Whenever Mama C makes the cut, my readership jumps by a 100 or so for a few days. That tells you how valued her word is! Continue reading “Linky love: books & kids & diversity & adoption and…”

Reading to your fans on Black Friday (video)

Here is Sam giving Black Friday a new twist: the day you as a young early reader do something very very very impressive the Friday after that Thursday.

OK so he is more recalling here, than reading. Yesterday he read-read it. Today he remembered reading it for the most part. For all of you parents of younger kids who wonder the merit of reading the same book over and over again? Here is the payoff. A child “reading” a book, and feeling every one of his pours dancing in that accomplishment. Yes he remembers most of it, but when he gets stuck, notice how he sounds it out, and arrives (sometimes with his brother’s unrequested assistance) through his very real efforts.

I can’t imagine a more fitting post to bring us 1000 hits away from 30,000 views. Soon Sam might need his own blog with all the literacy going on around here!

Foiling the yucks

On easy street with Eddie, as Marcel calls her mom.

If I had listened to my mommy intuition we would not have been 2.5 hours into our trip to Connecticut to celebrate with Eddie’s family when Marcel yuked his yucks all over himself and the car. We would have just stayed  home. If I had listened when he said he didn’t really want a donut for breakfast because his stomach hurt, I wouldn’t have been pulled over on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with Marcel crying; “What is happening to me?”  I wouldn’t have been desperately trying to calm Sammy who was kicking the seat after I told him we had to turn around and go home.

I didn’t listen to my mommy intuition because we had a car full of food, and a very important place to be. I didn’t listen because holidays do that to me. They take me out of my sanity and put me in someone else’s body. Listening to Marcel’s little innocent cry for help–was a clear reminder.

Love a bug with a sense of humor–threatening to preempt the day of supreme gluttony with saltines and ginger ale… Happy to report that we awoke to calm stomachs, bright sunshine, and an opportunity for an undefined day- Eddie-the boys and Mama C. With all the sides and two pies, (all thanks to Eddie) and my famous cranberry sauce (joking) already made, it’s looking like easy street over here. On the agenda; a long bike ride/walk to a playground. Unexpected amazing gift of the day already? Sammy read his first book to his brother; I like it When… by Mary Murphy, from cover to cover almost completely unassisted.

Sounding it out
one word at a time
I can read to my brother.

With gratitude for the chance to hear my son read, and the knowledge that you are sharing it too. May you and yours foil any yucks coming your way today too. Happy happy from ours to yours!