Sammy Saturday: Wordless

Graduate of the instructional pool! Big pool is next!/ Mama C and the Boys

[if everyone who looked at that smile, voted once today for me here, I’d feel like he does! Thank you. The competition is heating up. I just hit my 100th vote-putting me in 13th place out of the top 25. Please keep those clicks coming. One vote a day. I’ve got to stay in the top 25 to secure on a spot on this prestigious list of best adoption bloggers]

Honored and begging

Where the magic began (series the blog banner is from)/ Mama C and the Boys

It was a sweet surprise. An email mentioning my inclusion in the Circle of Moms 25 Best Adoption Bloggers. Of course it doesn’t stop there. One has to work for the honor. One has to promote. One has to beg.

Please vote now.

It’s a great and and ever growing list of adoption bloggers–I hope you spend time over there, and vote often. Of course I’d love to garner enough of your endorsements to hold my place on the list. A little button on the right of this blog will get you right to the list so you can vote when it occurs to you. Up to once a day until June 21st.

I don’t place ads on Mama C. I am sponsor free–because selfishly I want all of your attention to be on my pieces when you stop on by. And, I want you to have an add free moment in your life.  By voting for me, you’ll help to increase my readership. Over the summer I am set on releasing my first ever collection of Mama C ness here on the blog–in the form of a chap book of sorts. More readers may mean more potential sales, which means more opportunities for me to write more…

So thank  you for taking the ten seconds (you scroll down to my name, and click the little vote button and it is done. No registering, or other hoops to jump through) to vote.

In 6th grade I lost the election for school president, because the other girl promised free candy with school lunches. My platform was built on advocating for more time outside at recess.  I had a vision…

Thank you!

(Wait–please–just ten seconds. Here. Thank you.)