No he didn’t

Sam: Mom?

Me: Yes, Sam.

Sam: I think I have just figured something out.

Me: Oh? What?

Sam: Sometimes it’s really hard being a mom.

Me: (Howling in laughter.) What brought you to this conclusion?

Sam: (Shaking his head up and down, with his face looking all knowing..) Well it seems like it would be frustrating when your kids don’t listen to you.

Me: It is.

Sam: I know Mom. I’m understanding you. And if you ever want to talk about it, you can.

Then he went into the living room, picked up his guitar, his slide and started playing a “Blues song for Mom.”

I blurted out; My days are full, and my nights are long. This is my son’s Blues song for Mom.

Too loud! Screams Marcel.

Sam smiles, looks up at me and says, Mom I think you need a good night’s sleep. Then he adds all quietly, as if talking to his guitar and not us,  I wonder if B.B. King has a mom who is frustrated too.