8 things I’m thankful for

#8/Mama C and the Boys 2011

1.That the hanging plants that the boys each picked out are still hanging out front today.

2. That the mouse is more scared of me than I am of her.

3. That I am not afraid to write a good poem.

4. The way that little bird’s head moves when it eats seed off of my kitchen window ledge.

5. That the adoption tax credit, grandfathered from 2005, arrived in the bank. (Yes, I had it for five years, and only used half of it in that time. Single parenting has it’s privliges.) That I notice the ease this little bump allows.

6. That I have not been on Facebook for six months, and appear to still be visible, at least to a few people. (For an inspiring post, on why one would even consider such a thing, my brilliant friend Dan elaborates here.)

7. That both boys still love to cuddle.

8. That I was able to allow Sam to say; “I kind of like Justin Bieber. I mean I can see why (insert name of current favorite female friend in Kindergarten here) likes him more than she likes me..” without going into a maelstrom of unmitigated fury. That after showing him who this Bieber boy was, I realized my musical appreciation failing as a parent can and will be corrected with a mandatory rock and roll summer tutorial. Suggestions welcome. The time is now.

Adoption Tax Credit Information Link and Survey

Feeling the love for the IRS/Mama C and the Boys

Update: 5/30/2011 My credit arrived!!! The process looked like this: I submitted the paper work they asked for (after I was initially told I needed to resubmit with their revised form) on April 21. I did this via fax. I was assigned a case # and case manager (discovered by calling the IRS using the number on the initial inquiry for additional information letter). They had 30 days to review the case, and make a decision. After that I was told they had another 45 days to act on that decision. IN MY CASE: they finished the review a few days shy of the 30, and paid electronically a week later. My credit was also one of the grandfathered ones (as I finalized in 2005). THERE IS HOPE.


I am practicing a letting go, and it will be the perfect time when it does come approach to this.  How about you?

If you are not in the loop about all of the delays and frustration around the Adoption Tax Credit (ATC) then you may want to stop reading right now. Enjoy your bliss. If you are not the least bit impacted by this check back tomorrow for one of my best photos in a long time! If neither a) nor b) apply to you please read on.

Dawn from Creating a Family (one of the adoptive Mama/ adoption gurus in my online life) asked me to share this link about the adoption tax credit-in an attempt to help as many as possible. Please pass along to those you know might be interested.  The piece is wildly helpful, and includes a survey to help gather data (about who is getting their refund back, how long it took etc.). I even sent the link to my accountant.

In the meantime I will keep sending happy helpful wishes to the good people at the IRS for working this all out expeditiously for one and all.  This approach will preserve my youthful good looks, and overall positive demeanor.