Sammy Saturday: Catch this

catcher Sam/Mama C and the Boys

He says that he wants to be a catcher.

No one threw the ball home, during his first little league game today. But if they had, he would have been ready.

His second at bat, was the hardest line drive double any kindergarten player this side of the Milky Way hit this afternoon if you ask me.

I am so thrilled for his joy out there.

On the field I imagine that Sammy feels invincible. He is only unlike anyone else, because he is so naturally talented in hitting and throwing a ball. Now let’s give him something to catch!

He is one of the youngest kids on the field. When he first came up to bat, one his buddies yelled; “Sammy you know you are one of the best hitters we got! Go SAMMY!”

I’m so proud of you baby. So proud and so happy to have the opportunity to experience this kind of happiness being lived by my kid. My first born whackadoodle Grand Sam!

Grand S(l)am: bragging rights are not biological

Beachball with Sam/ Mama C and the Boys

He has a gift.

He can hit.

Hand eye coordination doesn’t begin to explain it, either. He aligns the speed of the ball, and the contact with the bat, with every muscle in his arms, legs, and eyes in harmonic syncopation. This has been going on for years, and with his first coach pitch game only two weeks away, I am getting ready.

Ready for the joy he radiates when he hits.

Ready for the heads looking up and over as the ball soars beyond the scope of expectation. Continue reading “Grand S(l)am: bragging rights are not biological”