MamaC Coaching and Consulting


While I have known Catherine for over thirty years, you will feel as if you have known her almost as long when you have the opportunity to benefit from her vast knowledge of issues related to race, adoption, parenting children of another race, and single parenting by circumstance or choice. Her sensitivity to where you may be on your journey will put you at ease, and help to prepare you for the nuanced issues that may show up. As a psychologist, a mother, and a foster parent I trust that your conversations with Catherine will garner the same respect and confidence that I have had in her for decades.” -Samantha Smithstein, Psychologist

Mama C’s private coaching practice is now accessible through the blog. With over fifteen years experience as an adoptive parent, single mother by design, biological parent through donor assisted conception, foster mother, educator, parental advocate, anti racist ally, conference organizer, speaker, and published author on many of these topics, I have a great deal of knowledge that may be of help to you and your family.

As a reader of my blog (started in 2007) you will have a clear idea of how I walk in the world of adoption, race, racial identity, birth family relations and a few other juicy and heavy duty topics.

Some of the topics we might explore include:

  • Is transracial adoption right for me/us?
  • What are the rewards and challenges of choosing single parenting?
  • What can I expect when I reach out to the birth parents?
  • Do relationships with donors stay the same, or do they shift?
  • Will I love my adopted child the “same” way I love or would love a biological child?
  • How do I talk to my child about adoption?
  • How do I advocate for my child’s racial identity in their school or other setting?
  • Is my way of thinking about a certain area of this process OK?
  • What if my family and friends don’t support my choice to make my family a certain way?
  • Whatever you feel I might be of assistance to you in your journey to creating or supporting your current family brought together through adoption, or donor assisted conception.

I have limited consulting hours available in the coming months. My rate is $100.00 hour. Our sessions will be over Skype, or on the phone, if Skype is not possible for any reason.

Ready to work together and take the next step? I look forward to it! Fill out the form below, and you will hear from me shortly.

Best, Mama C