Dear Sammy (You were so brave last night)

Sammy and Marcel (after Mama C neatened up the hair)/ Mama C and the Boys

Dear Sammy,

Since I know Grampy loves to read the blog in the morning-I thought I’d write this post to you-for after your morning donut and cartoons on the couch. For before you take off on some fantastic adventure with your grandparents! I just wanted to write to you and remind you that: you were so brave last night.

Sleeping at Grammy and Grampy’s– without Mommy or Marcel there–now that takes courage.

Asking Grammy to call me one more time, with  your full heart, and tired out body, to tell me that you missed me too–that was such a strong thing to do! Letting the tears flow, so your body could settle-how powerful to be able to listen to all of you like that!

And Sam, when I sang Swing Low to you over the phone, I could feel you in my arms- and I imagined it was my hand rubbing your back. Your body became so calm, and I heard your breathing quiet. I was right there. Like I’ll be tonight too!

Remember last week when you launched yourself on the flying Taco at the water park–something I was too scared to even approach? You amazed me with your I know I can just like that again last night.

OK enough mommying! Go have another donut, (yes I said you could have TWO) watch some more cartoons, keep Grammy and Grampy on their toes, and don’t forget your hair!

I love you Lamby, and so does your little brother!

Mama and Marcel

PS–when I asked Marcel if he had a good night last night he said; “I would have had more fun even if I didn’t miss my brother so much!”

MC&theBoys: Saturday rough cut

Ready to be back up catcher in a hockey helmet/ Mama C and the Boys

It’s just after 6:00 am
Marcel will wake in about 15 minutes.
If I want more than this precious 1/4 hour alone, I wake at 5:00.
With laundry to sort, and a list as long as my left arm of things to do,
and more to remember to write down
I passed out last night next to Cellie.
He asked me to rub his back one more time
because he just needed to know [I] was his mommy.
As lines go, that one pretty much anchored me next to him for eternity. Continue reading “MC&theBoys: Saturday rough cut”

Wordless Wednesday: Urban garden edition

the new bird bath I made this morning, from a little seatless chair/Mama C and the Boys

from another view: my quiet morning joy/mama c and the boys

Happy great start to your day! It’s magical over here: sunny and full of hope. Of course creating twenty minutes to start my day doing something I love (and doing it all alone on a quiet waking block) certainly helps! What are you going to do for twenty minutes today to take care of you?

A wild  link shared with me last night by Happy Girl Hair provides a fun way to give (fun) minutes of your time to help rural farmers in Kenya. It took me maybe 12 minutes,but I loved the end result!