Celebration time!

Because of this little piece of data on my blog earlier this week:

WOOOOOT!!!!! Talk about a milestone!

we went out and had an ice cream to acknowledge the beginning of the season, and all the ways we worked together to reach that sweet number of “people who like to read about US!”

And generally looked at each other with loving, appreciation:

Which is how I feel about all of my readers too–so thank YOU.

Book winners & Adoption Constellation subscription giveaway

Thanks to everyone who left a comment, and/or an answer to the question; What I’d like to read an adoption book about. on my Adoption Nation book review post. I hope the publishers are listening! Many folks asked for resources, and many of you may have them, so please check back and read the comments, and add a link or suggestion if you have the time.

My two winners were Anne from Alaska, and Jess in Australia. (Then the pub tells me we can’t ship to Australia! So Jess, I’ll be sending that one on my own, so hold tight your winter reading will arrive!) In corresponding with Anne about the win, we discovered we are leading semi parallel lives in the single mama sibling co-parenting department. What a hoot. You can go see for yourself in her blog three little birds.

Today I am  offering Mama C readers a chance to win a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to The Adoption Constellation Quarterly.

In order to enter you’ll need to do one or two of three things:

1) Sign up to receive Mama C and the Boys automatically to your email using the subscription button on my sidebar ->, and leave a comment saying how happy you are you did!

2) tweet, fb, email, blog, or carrier pigeon about the competition mentioning The Adoption Constellation and @MamaCandtheBoys, and leave me a comment telling me which one you did, leaving a link if possible.

3) leave a comment answering the following question; “If I could read an article about one thing of CRITICAL importance to me as a member of the adoption constellation¹ it would be; __________________” in the comments section of this post. The magazine provides a forum for all voices in the constellation, so please spread the word, and the opportunity to win.

If you are not sure how to approach that, and want some inspiration, download your free copy of the first issue of the magazine here, and find out. Then come back and write a comment. You’ll get a free entry if you tell me what your favorite article was in that issue, and why!

Already a subscriber? GREAT! So tell me about that in the comments, and then enter to win a copy for your local library, or your workplace, or your step brother.

Up to TWO entries per person will be accepted. Winner’s name will be chosen in the old fashion name in a bucket, picked by Sam and Marcel on or around May 1st.

In full disclosure, I am a writer for the magazine, love the magazine, and am paying every penny of the subscription cost as my contribution to a project I deeply believe in.

¹ From the editor; “The adoption community extends much further than the triad of birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents and we believe the term adoption constellation reflects this.”

Adam Pertman, Adoption Nation, book giveaway

I received an invitation to review Adam Pertman’s updated Adoption Nation last month. They wanted a transracial adoptive single mother’s point of view added to the mix. In exchange for my promise to participate in the blog tour of the book (a new concept for me-where have I been?) on a given date (today) I received my own copy, and two to give away.

The amount of work that went into this book, is rather mind blowing to me.  I am sure you can scour the net for countless reviews lauding it’s comprehensive scope and broad historical focus.  I felt a rather ominous pressure while reading the book as “reviewer” and not just as consumer. (My previous reviews here of books have always been after the fact of books I read and was charmed by. Now I realize that is just a sales pitch, not a review!) I wanted to make sure that I was reading the book through the lens that my audience have come to expect of me (even if I am not sure what exactly that means).  I wrote down moments in the book that caused me pause for one reason or another, and asked Mr. Pertman to address them directly.

Continue reading “Adam Pertman, Adoption Nation, book giveaway”

Don’t “just hockey” me… Mama C speaks out

Below is an excerpt from the letter that I sent the owner of the Portland Pirates hockey team , Brian Petrovek, after chaperoning my son’s kindergarten class to a “Kids Hockey Game Day” provided to Maine’s school children by his franchise. After assuring the administrators of many schools that “violence would not be part of this kids day event” permission slips were sent home, arrangements made. Continue reading “Don’t “just hockey” me… Mama C speaks out”

toot tooooot toot

My kids are rocking their worlds. I am feeling damn near accomplished these days as a result of their success and mine. I have a piece (that previously appeared here) over at the redesigned Single Mothers by Choice website today.  I’m tickled about that. Continue reading “toot tooooot toot”

Would you believe?

Adoptive Families Magazine Award

That three years ago I started blogging, after a piece I wrote for Single Mother’s by Choice Quarterly published my first big piece, and after Sam hit me in the head with a slipper. He was almost three.

That the first poem I wrote as an adult was called “This is where you’ll find me” about waiting for a placement.

That this week the generous folks over at Adoptive Families Magazine deemed this blog one of the top twenty blogs on the topic of adoption? (Of the ones they were hip to, and of course we all have our own agenda.) I am as you can imagine in great company on that list-so please take time to read it. Then add your own ideas for the blogs they missed for next time!

I have everyone of you who takes the time to stop by and wonder, and laugh, and react, and share Mama C in whatever way you see fit, to thank for what this blog has become.  And yes Universe I understand it is time to get the proposal done, the book could not be more ready to be birthed, so to speak.

And would you believe that #1 son is being picked up in one of those GIGANTIC city snow plows and toured around the city for half an hour, and then dropped off at school? Of course the news crew is coming to capture this. How come? Because Sam just draws this kind of magic to him. That and I won a raffle for a snow plow ride last spring, and just remembered it last week. The news crew was not my idea. I’d better go email his teacher, and let her know he might be a little wound up, and that the snow plow ride is no tall tale.

Working on it Wednesday: Adoption Symposium/poll

Mama C and the Boys/ Thinking about the warmer months!

I am working on a proposal for this Open Adoption Symposium in Richmond, Virginia in September 2011.

I want to present a not to be missed event. So I need your help. I am asking you to help me present some convincing evidence for the organizers; “I polled my readers and they said…”

So if you could hang out with me for forty-five minutes-to an hour–what would you want me to speak to in the adoption related arena?

I am asking this based on my posts, my voice and my experience as you know it. Also open to ideas I have not thought of! Thanks so much for the help.  (And thanks for this post, on how easy it is to create a poll.) Now, go work on your own proposal so we can all hang out together!

Choices 2010: the good, the bad and the huh-gly?

The all encompassing end of year post boils down to this: what were the good, not so good, or well informed, hasty choices I made this year.  I spend so much time saying these words; “is that a good choice, or a not so good choice…” that I’ve come to see my entire world through this lens.

Mama C age 7

Best choice I made around my children: to reveal as much truth as I was able to around Marcel’s story. Where I held fear, tension, and constant guard around “the story” is now a cleaned out room in my conscience. Marcel shows a picture of his donor, Tree, to everyone he thinks of. His story is back where it belongs, in the world. Ease.

Most conflicted choice I finally had to stop making: To date. I managed it, or we managed it for about three months. Then my ability to balance the good and hard work of being in relationship became too much for me to manage well. The joy was tremendous. The amount of time I spent torn between being present enough for me, the kids, and the relationship simultaneously became the deal breaker. That I never wrote about it here, should tell you just how hard it was for me to integrate the “dating me” into the larger picture. Do I believe it is important to pursue that part of me? Absolutely. Do I believe I am ready to do that now? Um. Can’t say. Continue reading “Choices 2010: the good, the bad and the huh-gly?”

Reading to your fans on Black Friday (video)

Here is Sam giving Black Friday a new twist: the day you as a young early reader do something very very very impressive the Friday after that Thursday.

OK so he is more recalling here, than reading. Yesterday he read-read it. Today he remembered reading it for the most part. For all of you parents of younger kids who wonder the merit of reading the same book over and over again? Here is the payoff. A child “reading” a book, and feeling every one of his pours dancing in that accomplishment. Yes he remembers most of it, but when he gets stuck, notice how he sounds it out, and arrives (sometimes with his brother’s unrequested assistance) through his very real efforts.

I can’t imagine a more fitting post to bring us 1000 hits away from 30,000 views. Soon Sam might need his own blog with all the literacy going on around here!