Pomp and Kinder-stance (videos-short and sweeter than sweet)

Sam “graduated” from kindergarten yesterday. He packed the outfit in his backpack–and changed into it after recess. He told me that I didn’t need to email his teacher to remind him he needed to change his clothes, because he would remember…

He received an award for READING because he came so far (from being a non reader to reading at almost a 2nd grade level at the end of K) this year. You’ll hear me gasp when I hear that he was given the reading award.

I cried a lot.

Mama and the proud graduate/Mama C and the Boys 2011

My son has left early childhood.

My son is infinitely capable.


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We’re rockin’ it alright

The fam-damily/ Mama C and the Boys

On the humorous front:

Sam was writing a thank you card to his PE (gym)  teacher, and concentrating very hard on his words;

Dear Mr. L, Thanks for teaching me PE. Love Sam

When he read it out loud-upon successful completion-his brother says; Sam why did he need to teach you how to pee? You already knew how to do that!


On the way to Sam’s  closing ceremony (read: trophy hand out in less that five minutes. Which will be the shortest awards ceremony we will ever get to attend) Marcel hollers to the car next to us; “Oh YEAH we are rockin’ it now!” If we had a car radio, that might be understandable. He was just feeling the moment… Continue reading “We’re rockin’ it alright”

Sammy Saturday: Flash interview with #1 son

Sam when you look at this picture, can you tell me what you see.

Grass, field, goals, and kids.

Where are you going?

I am going to Florida.

Why Florida?

Because Florida has Disney World.

What are you best at in the world?


What would you like to be best at in the world?

Gymnastics. Continue reading “Sammy Saturday: Flash interview with #1 son”

Sammy Saturday: Final shot of the season

Sammy Swish!/Mama C and the Boys

Here is the letter Sam just wrote to his kindergarten and P.E. teacher, who both came to watch his final game. Sammy invited them on his own. It meant the world to him, and all of the kids on the court that their teachers were there:

Dear Mr. L, and Mrs. M,

How did you like the game? It was pretty good. I liked it because I did one hundred baskets. Getting to see you on the bleachers made me laugh. Thank you for coming to watch my game!!!!


Toothful of Tuesday

Smile for the hygienist/Mama C and the Boys

I don’t know about you, but wearing the shades was never part of my dentist visit decorum when I was little. The box of rings to choose from at the end of the visit on the other hand, was always a highlight after all my carrying about “What if I have a CAVITEEEE?!!”

Sam’s teeth are in super shape, filling free, and that loosey he talks about? The dentist showed him exactly which one is coming out first by showing him the others pushing on up in the panoramic view. Can you see the first tooth due to make her way to the land of porcelain? (Hint look to the lower set.)  As we were leaving Sam said it all; “What do you mean I have to wait six months before I come back? Marcel took it all this time, and his first cleaning is later this week.

Don’t “just hockey” me… Mama C speaks out

Below is an excerpt from the letter that I sent the owner of the Portland Pirates hockey team , Brian Petrovek, after chaperoning my son’s kindergarten class to a “Kids Hockey Game Day” provided to Maine’s school children by his franchise. After assuring the administrators of many schools that “violence would not be part of this kids day event” permission slips were sent home, arrangements made. Continue reading “Don’t “just hockey” me… Mama C speaks out”

Sammy Saturday: Linking to the Little Girl Loved Letter Campaign

Mr. Suave/ Mama C and the Boys

Reading the letter found here at My Brown Baby (MBB) , by Nick Chilles (Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of many books)  has been a source of great reflection/peace/apprehension/inspiration for me as the mother of two young Black boys.

His letter was written in response to this  MBB piece:  “Gang Rape In Texas: When Will We Stop Sacrificing Girls In Defense of Black Boys,” In Denene’s words; “Nick was moved to pen this letter to the 11-year-old victim. I extend a special invitation to the mothers and fathers who’ve read this powerful prose to leave empowering and loving messages to and for this child…”

My response to this story is to a)print out the letter and read it over and over again. b) to read it to the boys when they are older and able to hear it. c) to open dialogue with Sam and Marcel about what it means to be a boy. What it means to be a girl. I want to know what messages they are getting already and how they are internalizing them. How they are reacting to, and trying on all those messages. Continue reading “Sammy Saturday: Linking to the Little Girl Loved Letter Campaign”

Sammy Saturday: On Star Charts, Rango and Oatmeal

On Star Charts:

Me: Your teacher said removing the star chart seems to have made it easier for you to be your best YOU. Is that true?

Sam: Yup

Me: How come?

Sam: Because I didn’t have to be worried about it.

Me: Worried about what? What made you worry?

Sam: I felt like I was always being watched.

Mommy’s note: the star chart’s efficacy was called into question by all involved about a month ago. After a meeting, and research, and much thought it was determined that the star chart would be removed after February break. This has proven to be a fantastic choice.  Instead of saying to me “two-stars” or “four stars” when I picked him up this week, he said; “Mom I had on some serious elephant listening ears today”. And “Mom I know how to be me now.” This is not just about changes at school. The entire house has been in a sort of “logical consequences” boot camp for about three weeks. The results have been undeniable. Obviously this demands a much longer post. Just want you all to know we are in a great space, because of some very consistent shifts at home and in school.

On Rango:

Sam: I liked the cowboy, the lizard. I liked the snake kind of.  Did you see when they were walking underground and there was that big eye? That was the SNAKE!

Me: Is it for older kids? Or kids your age?

Sam: It is for us. I would see it again! Can we go today?

Mommy’s Note: the movie is heavy in the guns and physical violence department. It is full of literary references, and philosophical musings. Animated does not a child movie make!

I would imagine it would be a great moving to go see if you just finished reading Carlos Casteneda, or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas perhaps? I did not do my homework on this one, and felt totally ashamed with myself that I was sitting in the theater watching this with my two sons. I get so sucked into any kids film that aren’t featuring all white kids, that I leaped too quickly here. Other thoughts welcome on the film! By the way, the snake at the end SCARED me. (Sammy’s note above about the snake eye is totally cool–I didn’t get what he saw–he is right I think.)  Overall message about believing in yourself, and finding your inner hero are great for the twelve and over set?

On Oatmeal:

Me: Sam why did you put that much milk in your oatmeal?

Sam: Mom! We are not all the same. Did you forget that?