Final day to register for Adoption Bloggers Interview Project 2011 (and more)

Adoption Bloggers Interview Project 2011

The Interview Project is open to any blogger

  1. who writes at least occasionally about adoption,
  2. is interested in meeting a fellow writer with different views and experiences, and
  3. wants to welcome someone into their own online space.

Everyone who registers by October 28 will be paired with another adoption blogger. You will have two weeks to get to know their blog and send them some questions by email. On November 17, you’ll post the interview on your blog and your partner will post their interview of you.

For more information please click here.


I have also been contacted by the Dave Thomas Foundation who asked me to post a link to this video about research on their child-centered recruitment model . Here is an excerpt from the press release:

Child-focused recruitment is a model used by DTFA’s signature program, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK), which provides local adoption agencies with grants to hire dedicated adoption recruiters who spend 100 percent of their job focused on finding waiting children forever homes.  The study found older children and children with mental health disorders achieved even higher rates of adoption, providing new hope to the many children who enter foster care and often languish for years or “age out” of foster care altogether without the support of permanent, loving families.

If you experience with WWK or the DTF that you’d like to share here please do. I have to say the message on the video was very engaging to me.


I am in the middle of several “I wonder how I will write about this…” life moments at once.  I am going to Sam’s school today to meet with a team of staff to talk about success. I am going to leave it there. That line between blogger, mother, and recorder of a life that is not mine gets rather blurry sometimes. In this case I will tell you that being a teacher and an advocate for your own child in the district that you work is complex.

I have some other exciting news professionally that I can’t reveal just yet, but suffice it to say that doors seem to be flying open in corridors all around me. We are doing important work out there, and it is being noticed. Have you seen that too? Share some of your success to start the weekend off right? Then go sign up for the Interview Project!

One (tooth and reason we love being in an open adoption)

My first lost tooth/ Mama C and the Boys

The post-a-day photo challenge this week is the word: One.  I think this meets the bill.

He lost it at lunch. He was eating strawberries with his old friend Finn. Prior to the berry he was terrified that it was going to hurt, or bleed a lot.  Finn tried to reassure, having recently lost his second tooth, that it wouldn’t hurt.  The joy on his face, is 5 parts relief, and 5 parts “I’m a big boy now!” I immediately sent Tea (his first mom) a text, with this picture. She said; “OMG he is a snaggle!” Sharing a moment like that with the other person in the world who cherishes the milestones as much as you do, is one more reason being in an open adoption is amazing.

What do you think of when you hear the word one? What milestone, or moment have you shared with a first parent that felt that good?

Spilling over the 3×5

This week began with two posts by me, or featuring me away from Mama C: one discussing Sam’s reaction to being excluded from certain social dynamics at school, (and being the one who does the excluding), compared to my feelings of being “other” at a bridal shower at MomsofHue. The other appeared at my Open Adoption Blogger interview partner’s site; Adoption Aint for Sissies. Jill’s excellent questions allowed me to reflect on a few things that I have never taken on here in the same voice or light. Please stop by her site, read the interview, and let her know you’re there. She is an amazing woman, who I am honored to have met here.

Then today I was asked to preview an upcoming article that I wrote for Adoptive Families Magazine-which looks stellar. It is due out in May. I had to call Cordell, the owner of a local black barbershop to check out that I had everyone’s names correct. He was amused to say the least about the fact that him and his colleagues were going to be in Adoptive Families Magazine. He said Sam was good for a free line up if he liked the article. Continue reading “Spilling over the 3×5”

Open Adoption Bloggers Interview Project: Introducing Jill of Adoption Aint for Sissies

To celebrate Production Not Reproduction‘s Ten Year Anniversary, Heather organized the Open Adoption Bloggers Interview Project. (You can see a list off all the participants and links to their blogs/ interviews there.) Participants signed on to be matched with another blogger somewhere in the triad. It has been a welcomed, and eye opening process. I had the great fortune to become acquainted with Jill, an adoptive parent who blogs about her truly unique open adoption experience at Adoption Aint for Sissies. After reading her blog, I crafted the questions below, and she provided the responses. I reciprocated. My responses can be found there. To help you leap right in, it might be helpful to know that Angie is the name of her son’s birth mother, short for Earth Angel. Her husband’s name is Cory. Their son River, came to them through her husband’s sister, who chose to make her adoption plan, after her fiance and her did not choose to follow through on their wedding plans. I was immediately intrigued by how her open adoption would look given this scenario. Continue reading “Open Adoption Bloggers Interview Project: Introducing Jill of Adoption Aint for Sissies”