Adam Pertman, Adoption Nation, book giveaway

I received an invitation to review Adam Pertman’s updated Adoption Nation last month. They wanted a transracial adoptive single mother’s point of view added to the mix. In exchange for my promise to participate in the blog tour of the book (a new concept for me-where have I been?) on a given date (today) I received my own copy, and two to give away.

The amount of work that went into this book, is rather mind blowing to me.  I am sure you can scour the net for countless reviews lauding it’s comprehensive scope and broad historical focus.  I felt a rather ominous pressure while reading the book as “reviewer” and not just as consumer. (My previous reviews here of books have always been after the fact of books I read and was charmed by. Now I realize that is just a sales pitch, not a review!) I wanted to make sure that I was reading the book through the lens that my audience have come to expect of me (even if I am not sure what exactly that means).  I wrote down moments in the book that caused me pause for one reason or another, and asked Mr. Pertman to address them directly.

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Working on it Wednesday: Blizzards and books challenges

Mama C and the Boys/ Liberating the tree during the blizzard

Snow days are one of the reasons I love being a Northeast girl.

Legos and Playmobil pieces are one reason I don’t.  Every piece of either is on the floor. Mixed in with the pine needles from the Christmas tree I finally liberated from the living room.

Last week on Wednesday, I posted that I was working on my proposal for the Adoption Symposium in Richmond in September. I asked for your help, (in the form of a quick one question ballot) to help me decide what I’d be best qualified to speak on. So far (as in please feel free to click this link and cast your own vote) the winner, with a heaping 31% of the votes: Transracial 101: How to notice our own limits as a parent of another race.  And the runner up: He’s Black, I’m not. From So what? to “Now What?” Transracial Parenting Triage.

I don’t know that I’m qualified to talk on either, but I certainly think they are necessary conversations in the transracial adoptive family. I am able to create the space, and guide the discussion, which is what I find more and more is what folks want: the space to explore, and learn from one another.

Perhaps I will be invited to offer them as part 1 and part 2? A morning and afternoon offering! I have nine months to get the workshops together, and with all of you experts out there offering resources and ideas-it would be a knock out event. Deadline for the proposals: this Thursday.


Speaking of resources, I am taking the Adoption Reading Challenge 2011. Fiction and Nonfiction titles are invited into the fold. What have you read in the last year that has engendered a shift in your thinking, or been  validating of your experience? I am particularly interested in books from the birth mom point of view, as it in an area that I feel is my weakest link at the moment. (I have rotating weak links!). Thank you to The Chronicles of Munchkinland for the impetus.