Into the woods

Brothers in the wilderness


Over the weekend the four of us wandered into the woods with our tent and mad determination to unplug and hold on tight before this week began. The picture above speaks volumes. (The picture after includes wrestling each other to the ground!) We all needed the escape away from the enormity of the world around us, and inside us. We laughed a lot. We left in tact in a way I almost forgot we were capable of for a sustained amount of time.

In just a few hours Shrek, Marcel and I are leaving for the airport to send Sammy on his journey home. By home I mean that he will be with his family of origin, and they are eager to have him close for a few precious days.

He will sleep in the same room as his two older brothers and younger cousin for five nights. He will play basketball, join in the prayers, eat at a new table-trying foods that aren’t familiar. He will learn to speak a new language of this first family that communicates humor, concern, upset and don’t-worry-about-it differently than we do. He will navigate all of this as best as he knows how, and this will be just right for him.

When I get anxious about how he will this, or how they will that, or what if he should this, or not be able to that… I take a deep breath and trust that this is his path. He is a remarkable young man, who wants to know who he is in his full glory. This journey is one more sizeable leap into those woods.

So much more to share, but for this moment one last ask–as we are so close to meeting our large goal of $2100.00 for our tickets (only $690.00 to go on GoFundMe). A few people reached out asking to sponsor a particular event or part of the trip which I thought was a great idea. So here are a few concrete ways you can still be part of the tour, and really support the journey.

Pay for a fresh cut and line up. You will get your very own image of the hair cut sent to you directly as a thank you!

Breakfast with Marcel’s donor and family in Oakland on Saturday morning. We will send you a capture of that moment that will not be posted online!

Chauffeur for the day! Cover the cost of the rental car from Sea-Tac airport to Spanaway, and all about the town and back to the airport for our red-eye flight Monday. You will receive a family portrait, via email that came together with ease thanks to your help with the car! (The family only has one care and four adults who need to use it. Renting a car was a necessity.) Thank you!

A whimsical contribution to create enormous ease and spontaneity.


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