Birth family and Donor Tour Update

Yesterday in an email to family and friends updating them on our upcoming birth family and donor tour at the end of August, I made them a promise.

The promise was to return to the blog, return to the medium I am so adept and comfortable in, as the next step in making certain this journey for the boys, and all of us can reach a much larger audience. We’ve missed our connect with our blog readers, and know that when this incredibly dynamic, layered, sometimes uncomfortable, and often surprising story of more love, always more love is ready to go to the publisher, it is here where it all began.


I love this portrait. It is one part of the story. Those crazy moments of connect with Sam, and the feeling I imagine that Marcel has had at times, that he lingers out in the margins of the picture, curious where he fits in. So much of our story today, and over the past twelve years is about that very question; “Where do I fit in?”.  This pertains to them, Shrek, and even me. When a family can check blended, bonus (some say “step”) parent and siblings, adoption, donor conception, and multi-racial all at once on the invisible list we all carry around, it is not surprising that fitting in would  be a recurring theme.

Yes, yes you but what about the birth family tour? If you are eager to read all about it right now, you can go to this link, to get caught up. Or you can return to MamaCandtheBoys in the next days and weeks and follow the story in real time.

Either way, it is so lovely to reconnect with you.  The world aches for more ways to connect and share our stories. We are listening.


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