Gathering the poem (week 3 of 52)

gathering a poem, week 3
gathering a poem, week 3

Each week for one year, I have set out to write a poem. The process, as outlined here, includes a visit to a body of water weekly where I “gather” material for the poem (I force myself to draft a complete poem at that time-knowing it will be revisited) and some sustained writing time during the week, so that I can “publish” (print and paste in my poetry journal) one a week. Marcel has joined me for two of the “gatherings”.  Every week a montage is made to help me remember fleeting thoughts, lines, nuances, sounds, and the other stuff of a poem.

This week’s poem-which is still in process–but which I will share, because it delights me for several reasons is inspired by Marcel, and this playground which will I imagine be a significant part of their childhood landscape.

Still matters

Watching him slip on a patch of ice
intentionally, smiling, and doing it again.
Underneath him, the baseball field waits for the spring thaw’s
rambunctious chatter and the kneading of new cleats to wake her.

In a few years, he will be old enough to arrive at this
park alone. Old enough to convince someone to sell
him a pack of smokes, or to not send a text
asking if they really broke up last night.

But this morning he still fits in a booster seat,
still delights in a patch of ice that goes from swing to slide.
Still ecstatic to notice an ocean liner
because it is still so much bigger then him,

and that still matters.


Gigantic thank you to the three donors who will be receiving their own mailed copy of my first (unpublished on the blog, or anywhere) poem of this series “In tact” by week’s end, and two poems a month for the remainder of the year, along with a bound copy of my entire collection by May 2015.  My goal it to have ten benefactors by the end of March, I am practically half way there!

Preparing the benefactor mailings!
Preparing the benefactor mailings!


How to become a MamaC benefactor:

Go to Square and email me a  donation of your choosing. There are no fees, and according to my brother it takes about three minutes to set up. All you need is my email address:  For $25.00 you get the complete poem (In tact), and one poem a month for the next eleven months. For $50.00 you will receive the poem (In tact), and two poems a month for the next eleven months. For $100.00 you get In tact, two new poems for the next eleven months, and a bound and signed copy of the collection by May 2015. For $500.00 you get a poem a week and a photo montage along with a bound and signed copy of the collection by May-June 2015. Creating abundance and support for my work one bold ask at a time. For $5.00 I’ll send you the poem and all my gratitude for believing in me.

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