Sing it Sammy

Sing it Sammy!
Sing it Sammy!

Last night Sammy sang his heart out with the youth choir pictured above. He has been rehearsing for four months, one night a week at the music department of a local university. He is the youngest member of the choir, that he was asked to audition for. His pride, and joy in himself were something I have never seen sustained like this. Perhaps this is a reflection of getting a little older, and knowing that you really WORKED for it. Maybe it was the bow tie. Or maybe he just knows it feels GREAT to be doing something you love and are good at at the same time. It doesn’t matter why, it just matters that we all were invited to witness it. To creating more moments like these for our children and ourselves as we go!


      • When I was in high school our choir would go all over and perform. We got so many compliments about the fact that we didn’t ever hold music but did all performances by memory. It was so nice to get full face views and occasional eye contact (though of course for the most part all eyes were supposed to be on the director). So many people appreciated that. So maybe Sammy is on to something!

  1. I know we haven’t seen each other in a very long time Catherine—do you even remember me??? Oh well—does not matter—what matters is the incredible photo that brought tears to my eyes. Sammy has grown! I just love this and everything it represents. Kudos to you proud mama of proud son.

    Lisa Farago and Drew–in Saco

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