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We interrupt this dance party to…

August 23, 2013
dock dancing Mama C and the boys style

dock dancing Mama C and the boys style

We interrupt this dance party (aka late summer hurrah) to remind you to “shake it shake it,” says Marcel. In Maine we do not return to school for another week, so we are out and about slurping up each precious lick of sunshine, lake water, and ease we can.

Such a full summer on so many layers. Not all of them happy-happy-joy-joy of course, but a heck of a lot of learning all around. Exciting changes and developments for the fall for me that I look forward to sharing soon too.

One last photo included to send a special loving boost to my father who is back home from a phenomenal rehabilitation and recovery after a minor stroke last month. His wife and my older brother, aka Uncle were incredible through out all of this.  Here Marcel is doing his part to keep Grampy on task with his horseshoe physical therapy regimen!

Your turn Grampy

Your turn Grampy

Putting those “here is what you need to have for the first day of school” letters back in their envelopes for another few days, and squeezing that last blob of sunscreen out of the tube for the bike ride to the skate park and soccer field instead.

Let’s shake it shake it boys!

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