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EdgeFlow EdgeFlow EdgeFlow: A midweek check in from the residency

April 17, 2013
Where it all began, and the plant that witnessed it.

Where it all began, and the plant that witnessed it.

I am delighted to say that yesterday I experienced what some might call flow. It started from a dream I had where I was defending the legitimacy of my newest book to a friend. I woke up and recorded all the details I remembered. For the next three hours the project unfolded on the page. I literally was just holding the pen, and watching it go.

I was not only writing, creating, and in harmony with my reason for being on the planet, but I had the sense that such an alignment with the universe and my creative pursuits is indeed possible. This lasted for at least forty five seconds.

Then, for the next three hours, I wrestled through, and am content enough with the outcome.  I’m a little afraid to dip back in there again, what if I can’t find that flow again? What if it was an imagined ease?  Hogwash.

Richard Blanco’s poems,  and the little potted plant (Bellis P. Rominette for those who wonder such things) I picked up at the green house the day before (to bring home and transplant in my garden to remind me that I too can flourish when I return) were my witnesses.

I’m at the little library in town today doing a little housekeeping (procrastinating) before returning to the, dare I say it, flow. I had the glorious good fortune to enjoy a walk on the beach before the library opened with one of the amazing residents here, Deborah, who I have connected with in such an easy and reassuring way.  She is guide, mentor, and friend. We have that immeasurably sweet-I’ve known you before dear friend-ease. She showed me how to dance on the beach and let it go.

self portrait: residency day 3

self portrait: residency day 3

From this photo, I believe it is quite obvious that flow is good for the soul.  Let me reassure all of you, that the hours prior to said epiphany were spent wondering if anyone would notice if I crawled out the window and stole home on the next ferry, as I felt so daunted by expectation, and self doubt. Clearly, all that was a necessary part of the process. Tonight I am in charge of cooking the meal for nine! My gourmet skills as a grilled cheese chef will dazzle for sure.  Back to it then, or is time for another inspiring nap?

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  1. Angelica permalink
    April 17, 2013 4:31 pm

    You look great! So this is what relaxation looks like.

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