MamaC is nominated for a best of Portland award

I was truly delighted to wake up to see this:

Best Blog nomination Portland Phoenix 2013
Best Blog nomination Portland Phoenix 2013

I am reasonably certain this is about a dear friend nominating me, and not some mass movement to acknowledge my stellar writing contributions-but either way works! If you are so inclined the link is here. It is about a 5 second commitment at most. “Blogs” are under the icon “city life”. You select one, and then you can scroll down and hit the “submit” button. Vote early and often!  Since I don’t do the FB I can’t imagine I’ll have a chance at this here competition, not to mention the fact that my blog has precious little to do with Portland.  And while not attached to the outcome, it is lovely to think that some new traffic will be generated, and that is usually a good thing too. Or spend lots of time exploring the best Portland has to offer–the category right above mine, “Best Kept Secret” includes my FIRST CHOICE by far: Justice in the Body. Thanks for the love!


  1. Hi Kate, You have onoe more vote that I know about! Good luck. A nd tell us, whatwould you like for yhour birthday? It’s getting close.  Love, lots, Dad

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