Quote Unquote (Marcel strikes again)

"Take this picture Mommy. Aren't I too cute in this hat?" c Mama C and the Boys
“Take this picture Mommy. Aren’t I too cute in this hat?” c Mama C and the Boys

It’s 3:13am.

“Mommy!  Mommy? Mommy?!” came the calls from the next room.

His tone sounds so defeated, so pained as Marcel delivers this message to my weary and mildly attentive self standing next to his bed; “Mommy I just feel so lonely.”

Marcel, you have twenty-five stuffed animals right here. Here’s Rudolph, Lamby,  Chippy and…”

“Oh Mommy. You just don’t understand. It’s just that none of my stuffed animals are able to meet my needs anymore.”


“You know Mommy you really are so blessed. I mean you have seriously amazing kids.”


While pointing to his picture of a crocodile, a poodle, a giant pigeon, and a dinosaur all on leashes “being walked across a bridge by a very strong mommy,” he paused, looked up and said; “Huh. It seems like she is being pulled in so many directions.”


In the car tonight on the way to a friend’s house Marcel commands; “Raise your hand if you are going to get married soon, or if you have the best almost dad ever!”


Any glorious one liners to share? They do keep my head above water most days I have to say. The kid sure can craft a line.


  1. A one liner from our day, we are four days in to mama back to work full time around here, after extra long snuggles in bed this morning I rolled out to get dressed, little one stiffened his little body flat on the bed, looked at me, and said “more night night mama”
    yep little buddy, I want more night night too!

  2. This….“Oh Mommy. You just don’t understand. It’s just that none of my stuffed animals are able to meet my needs anymore.” sounds so much like something my Mea would say.

    She is full of one liners. They put a smile on my face just thinking of them.

  3. I’ve got two two-year-old boys in the house, one of whom has been through a lot of trauma and just recently started talking and interacting with peers. Today he sneezed, other little boy said “bless you,” and traumatized boy said “thank you.” Sweetest little conversation ever!

  4. LOL at the stuffed animals meeting his needs! I can’t lol. I told Isaiah (my 5 yr old) this morning he was so cute I didn’t know what I was going to do with him. He said, “Just love me, I guess.” I melted – literally… I am writing to you from a puddle in my hallway. What are we going to do when they grow up?!

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