Mrs. Shrek? Fiona says YES.

We’re engaged. We’re thrilled.
The boys were part of the proposal, and were dancing about the house wrapped in each others arms singing; “We’re engaged! We’re engaged!”
His family is equally thrilled.

More to come, when this cloud docks.


  1. Happily saw this coming! So excited for you and what a wonderful journey to share with all of us. I can not wait to read the next exciting chapter.

  2. We couldn’t be more thrilled!!!!!! Congratulations, and let the celebrating never end. Love, love and more love to you all!!

  3. such wonderful news! such a gorgeous photo of you two.
    no need to dock that cloud. ride it as long and as far as it sails.
    wishing you a lifetime together of joy and wonder. <3

  4. Congratulations, Mama!
    I thought aloud about you guys the other day and have been meaning to come see how y’all are doing. And I see this. AWESOMENESS!!!

    I’m so happy for you all!!

  5. Realized I thought my words to you– but didn’t write them. Beautiful photo– the love and happiness just spills out of it. Mazel tov! Much love you four (and more, cause I know there are kids on his side too!) xo Laura

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