Quote Unquote

The other night Marcel came running into the kitchen to inform me that I was the “best Mom ever.” I believe that shakes and popcorn for dinner was 99% of the reason for this spontaneous outburst of appreciation.

From the other room Sam hollers; “[Shrek] you are the best almost dad ever.”

Both Shrek and I froze in our tracks. It was so unexpected. It felt like the moment you reach the top of the mountain after convincing yourself for hours that you will make it to the top. Of course the top is just that: a resting point, a plateau. There are so many other mountains out there to climb. But for that moment and many since, we have been enjoying the blended family view from up here.


  1. Yay to being on the top of the mountain!
    I’d been an avid reader for a looooong time- then somehow I stopped reading (not sure why. maybe it was when you changed blog addresses). Then, when I tuned back in your family had changed…and now you’re with Shrek! Wishing you every bit of happiness up on that high vista you’re on now. So so wonderful.

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