Visiting Uncle

Having an amazingly fun, restful, long overdue second visit with Uncle in his new digs. Pancakes, pumpkins, bike rides, badminton and plenty of silliness. They’ve been out playing without me this morning leaving me so much precious alone time to write, meditate, and exercise! I have a real blog post almost ready to publish too–please check back in a few days for that one. I have so much gratitude for all of this sweet connection and ease. And as a very dear friend reminded me, how important this must be for Sam to see that a parent figure who moved away is still “here” and still his parent figure who loves on him just as much. It is not daily, but it is DEEPLY loving and connective and undeniable. We love that kind of loving! Time to go for a little jog before we pack up and head back home. Hope this finds all of you enjoying a little self care, connection, and silliness too. If not, what can you do to have at least one of those three things checked off the list before nightfall?

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