One part thrilling + one part exhaustion = 2 parts kindergarten

He’s hanging in there.

He read a book that he colored in himself, and stapled together.

He sleeps about 14 hours a night. Hard.

He eats for three.

He looks a year older already.

He says the names of his new friends in his sleep.

He tried school lunch and loved it.

He “forgot” he had a packed lunch the next day, and had another school lunch.

He fell apart around dinner and bed time almost every night.

He shook his head in complete disbelief when I told him it was Saturday, and there was no school today, and said; “Well if you are certain everyone is home today, then I’ll stay home too.”


  1. This kind of school-love has not exactly been our experience, though she did love it and I wasn’t blogging in the kindergarten year… This is so incredibly dear and lovely. I am happy for you and for him and for them at school– to get to have such a lovely boy in their midst each day. with love, Laura

  2. Mea is still like this in the First Grade. This morning when I had clothes laid out for school, she said, “Well, finally, I get to go back.” 🙂

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