Screen. Screamed. Screening.

The kindergarten screening was today. Too soon to tell just how relieved he is, but here’s to hoping! His teacher is clearly all about reassurance and welcoming. His classroom looks magnificent. Sam happened upon his new teacher too, who also is a rock star. No, really. Musician by night, amazing educator by day. He saw the names of his friends, and felt better too-although he doesn’t reveal 1/100th of what his little bro does. I have to remember to check in sometimes.

Because I’m doing this post on a mobile device-I’ve got the pictures a little out of order (flip the first 2), with no patience left to discover how to fix that. I have a little transition triggered head cold telling me to slow down… HA! Thanks for all the supportive comments on and off line in the last few days with all of our life shifts. We’re going to spend a couple of days chilling with Uncle this weekend in his new home. Everyone is really excited about that too. Bring it on!

And yes, Sam is wearing a self adhesive yellow mustache in one of the photos. Doesn’t every dentist give them out?!


2. Check in


3. Release


4. Exhale


5. Reflect


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