I was inspired again by Harriet at See Theo Run, with her short, succinct Sunday Gratitude post. So here is mine.

1. This view from my kitchen window. My little urban garden success story that brings me immeasurable joy. That is a lettuce table next to it.

Flowers for the butterflies and my lettuce table

2. Brotherhood evidencing itself in unsuspecting ways.

Careful Sammy there is a really big wave coming!

3. Family vacations that are indeed a vacation.

Yes, that is Shrek holding on tight to the margins, as I’m holding him.

4. Meeting an “old friend” for the first time, and it feeling like we’ve known each other for ages. This is the lovely Eila of DearHusband-DearWife-DearBaby fame with whom we finally got to hang out for a lovely drawn out afternoon. Her amazing Mama and Papa came too, and we all left the day feeling like this was one of many past and future hangouts. Liz came into my world when she edited and encouraged several pieces that I wrote a few years back for We’ve really stayed in touch through blogging, babies, and Instagram!

Fast friends

Wii Sports on a rainy day. It’s a new era, but an appreciated one.


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