A whole lot of good going on around here

Hair night is a breeze–lots of conditioner is the secret to the ease
Marcel is quite a joy and checker playing  force. Playing WITH the kids, and not just entertaining them : a new era
Brotherhood, and swag runs deep
The Uncle Sam Marcel GO KART has it’s grand debut!
A first trophy, a successful season of cheer, new friends, and athleticism in his own right for #2
This amazing action shot caught by Uncle earlier in the week

Add to the list a very strong finish for Sam in his new school (he transferred in January), a preschool graduation right around the corner, and smooth sailing with Shrek for almost four seasons and you find an awful lot to relish in Mama C ville. We’ve felt some some big bumps recently too, but all in all the focus remains on all these stellar moments- trying to keep it simple today.


Speaking of simplicity, I’m taking a summer hiatus from Facebook. Although not much of a distraction, I’m looking more and more towards how to shift the time resources that I do have into the creative writing and the race and work. I hope to continue to blog weekly, and have a list of topics I am eager to explore. I’m always open to suggestions for a post, and guest posts if you are looking for a forum to share your story.


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