A little April swag

Hello April. Like Marcel, this blog is in it’s fourth year. That’s fun. It celebrated it’s birthday on February 1st, completely unnoticed by me. A few days ago I had the opportunity to talk about my blog in a little informational with a friend of friend who was considering her own forays into this self publishing internet world. I was remembering my first post, a reprint of a story I had successfully published in a newsletter for single mothers choosing parenthood through adoption, or reproductive assisted methods. I was telling her how it felt to have my first unknown reader leave a comment (euphoric) and what it feels like today when too many days have passed between posts (painful, constricting). Most of all, I shared how writing this blog allowed and continues to allow me to make connections as a parent, a parent in the hue, an adoptive parent, and as a writer, that not blogging would never have afforded me.

Every time I post, I feel that I am re-opening a sacred portal that travels to shared hearts and minds across the ether for a brief moment of palpable connection. A connection I crave, celebrate, and cherish.

Like this sweet pic of my honeys, I am just peeking into your world for the moment to say that all is well, in Mama C land. We’ve been to film premiers of our very own films (thus the threads on the older director of two above), final basketball games of the seasons, regrettable trips to pizza joints where I may have been overheard saying something like; “don’t even think I’ll be taking you out to dinner again anytime soon…” We’ve spent lovely time with Shrek, and much appreciated one on one hair cuts (Sam received his first real fade) with our dear friend Roy.  The workshop has been generating interest, and I’ve created other opportunities to be involved in important conversations about race and education. I was fortunate enough to hear the director of Prep School Negro talk about his film, his work, and his life at a viewing of the film at a local university. Last night I attended a panel of young adult transracial adoptees speaking of their experience being raised in white, white, white Maine. Life has been exploding with intention, opportunity for growth and love.

There are at least ten posts embedded in this one. Perhaps it just boils down to this: we are living life well, today.  It is very full. It feels as if it is taking on a new semi predictable, albeit continuously chaotic beat. Or maybe that is just the illusion created by the new color (Bird of Paradise) in the kitchen? Sam insists on wearing suit coats to school because he; “likes all the attention he gets” and Marcel has recently earned a new Lego toy for an entire week in his own bed(!!!).

So that I feel as if I am not completely failing you in the something compelling to consider/resource department, I’m attaching an encouraging study from the angle of the importance of talking about race to children here.  For those who celebrate Passover or Easter I send you warm wishes for the time spent together, the pastel shirts, the child labor free chocolate eggs, and the lamb shanks. To the rest of you, enjoy your everyday clothes, leavening agents in your bread, and the emergence of the buds in the trees. Whatever puts the swag in your April, I hope it is in full bloom!

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  1. So glad things are going well! And your boys just sound adorable in every way! I would not have been able to say it as eloquently as you did, but I agree with you about how it feels when you get a comment on a blog post that came from your heart. I posted an article recently that I wrote for a professional newsletter and it meant so much to me that it touched others as well. Connection – yes, that’s the word.

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