Peaceful Wednesday

Winter peace/ Mama C and the Boys 2012

Three things that bring me peace today:

1. How well Sammy seems to have adjusted to his new school.  While he misses his friends and his teacher deeply, he reports that he is “doing great”. He is making new friends, loves his new teacher too, and just seems to exude self confidence and ease with himself and his world.

2. Meditating daily (for twenty minutes).

3. Accepting all the love in my life.


What’s bringing you peace today? What are you doing to take care of you in a gentle way?


  1. How wonderful. A couple of things have relaxed me considerably. One: lieing down with Theo for 20 minutes for naps and at bedtime. It’s like forced meditation + closeness. *hearts*. I’m also doing a lot of yoga at my friend’s studio. Love that quieted feeling.

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