A magical 36

After that big week, the family was due a little Maine magic. Although there was no “real” snow, we were able to check one of Sam’s bucket list items off in grand fashion this weekend–his first snowboarding lesson. As a way of getting more folks interested in the sport, “Free Snowboarding Week” was introduced. A friend managed to snag Sam this two hour lesson, complete with gear and lift ticket for free. We just had to get there. And get there we did!  When I stopped thinking about the fact that we were probably one of the only mixed race families to stay at this amazing old Camden Inn  (could you please stop starring at US?!?) I could accept that the boys loved having the pool to themselves and found my way to this very restful and joyful place too.

A sweet moment for me was discovering this lovely little bronze statue of the amazing poet, feminist, and Mainer Edna St. Vincent Millay under some trees in a gorgeous little park.  She seemed to be reminding me that poetry is everywhere–you just have to make time for it to appear. Upon discovering her up close too, Sam said; “that’s a woman? Why does she have a beard?” So perhaps we are missing a few lessons on the art appreciation piece.  He made great progress in a sport I couldn’t afford him to do much of anyway, but knowing Sam that will all work out somehow too, if this is what he wants to do.

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Have a great week! Perhaps it’s time to plan a little magical 36 hour retreat for you or your family too? It really was what we needed– a post winter holiday vacation!  I’ve got a presentation this week–Thursday–on “talking about race” with new educators that feels like an opportunity for so much learning all around. Having a lot of excitement about it. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

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