Thankful on this Friday

1. Sam had nothing but great things to say about his new school all week. His teacher reports that he is fitting right in. His favorite thing about it? “All the friends I have already.”

2. I trust that I have done everything in my power to open the door wide and invite Sam’s first mom back into our lives. I listened with an open mind and heart to the advice of one birth mother in particular, who shared from her heart her experiences. I allowed myself to shift my own lens, and write a letter that felt deeply transformational.

3. I am meditating again with regularity and am feeling the benefits. I sense a little more space, and light in my thoughts.

4. I am maybe 60% of the way through the planning for a presentation I am doing-solo-to seventy plus educators next week. I am trusting in my expertise, and welcoming the answers that keep offering themselves as I craft the program. The learning target: I can talk about race.

5. Marcel’s nighttime outbursts; “I have three brothers, and they all play bass piano in my band” just came from the next room. He is sound asleep.

6. That I did not buy the bigger jar of Nutella. There is a reason I stopped buying that sinister product ten years ago.


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