Living with greatness all year long…

Last year does not beg a great deal more reflection on my part. I reflect all year long.  Today is about what’s next. Apparently being a composer is on Sam’s list.

For his birthday Sam received an incredibly generous present: a full piano sized keyboard and lessons from a bunch of loving folks all coming together. He has been leaning in this direction for months–so it was a natural next step. What has transpired since then (besides removing the couch and train table, and turning the living room into a kind of Montessori like music room with several cushions and bags of blocks etc around the perimeter) is astounding. He places his head phones on, composes, and then plays it back when he is happy with it. (Head phones were a KEY component to this purchase!) This one that I’ve included here-along with my own first attempt at a slide show movie and tribute to his depth-is remarkable to me.  I started crying about halfway in. I’m not sure where the tears came from. Maybe it was because I felt so much joy that I was given this opportunity to enter into his inner life this way- and that he has found a medium that allows him this freedom.

His music teacher claimed in his second lesson ever that she’s never met a child with an ear like his. I looked at her cross-eyed. What am I supposed to do with that? I’m that friend you know who NEVER listens to music. I’m the one you make CD’s for because you are sure that there is hope somehow..  Fortunately I draw towards me musicians of all sorts. She said–just give him every opportunity he desires to hear, play and express himself musically. So I’ve started asking those musical peeps what more we can offer, invite and encourage in and around Sam’s world. Suggestions folks?

Meanwhile Marcel the architect and engineer has been busy designing future space travel, cities, and making the world a more loving place in his own remarkable way.

preparing to paper mache the rocket

This picture reminds me that I have a post in me called: How parenting is a lot like paper mache.

For today I’m inviting peace and more space for creativity and unpacking race and white mind into our new year. I’m committed to trying to let go of desired outcomes and the need to get everyone else on my page. I am here to do my work. Others are here to do theirs-or not. I can open my door.

Less time for the non important, and more time to just visit with the ones we love.  Can it ever be that simple? I’m committed to more and more time on our new green carpet with blocks, a pad of paper, and lots of space to explore the space between us.

I look forward to sharing more of the journey with all of you. It is an honor to be part of your world, and I look forward to learning more together in this new year of possibility.


  1. Lovely music and wonderful space rocket! Such talented kids 🙂 I’m a composer and I grew up using my ear – keep listening to music, find as much live music (even if you just stop and listen to a busker for five minutes) as possible, expose both Sam and Marcel to different genres and just explore and enjoy.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Ella! We do have so many live musicians in our collective family or choice and origin. Since he was two days old Sam has been listening to love music thanks to his godmother. (She brought her bass with us when we went to meet Sam–because she had a gig the day we got back!). He has always been transfixed by live music of every sort. Clearly it speaks to him. Last night we watched a DVD of a Bob Fosse tribute–he was glued to the dance/music together…

  3. I can see exactly where those tears came from Mama 🙂 What a beautiful score. I love how the piece has so many distinctive parts. I can tell that Sam was in his zone, and the music was speaking to him. I’m honored to have just heard the message 🙂 Emma has a love for the guitar. I’ve just submitted an application to an organization called Girls Rock, which has an after school program that allows girls to create bands, learn instruments, write songs and then perform in front of an audience. We’re hoping that she gets a spot.

    I’m loving Marcel’s creation! I wanna travel with him!! 🙂 I hope that you three had a great start to the new year.

  4. Wow. I mean WOW! How lucky and cool and amazing is that?

    Sidenote: Even biological parents experience that. Mark and his sister are incredibly talented artistically and his parents appear to have no interest or aptitude.

    Children are miracles!

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