Sweet dreams with my big brother (back)

If Mommy won't let me in her bed, Sam will...

Double entendre day here at the homestead. Uncle arrived home last night after a month at sea. He was helping a friend deliver a boat somewhere down in Caribbean. Let’s just say we’re all going to rest better now that everyone is home, and nestled in their own beds. For the under five set, the word “your” and “mine” remains negotiable when it comes to beds…

And to the 40,001 people who helped me pull the last month of child care scheduling help in Uncle’s absence off with relative ease, THANK YOU. And to the four new subscribers to the blog, bringing me sweetly over the 100 mark, thank you. And to the two mice I removed from the kitchen, alive, on my own in the last twelve hours? Please find a new cabinet to call home.


  1. moth balls. Put some in the corners of your cabinets and the mice should stay away! Also, I just love my mornings with Mama C and the boys. Thanks for being a blessing in the lives of so many.

  2. I’m going to get some mothballs. Since the cat seems completely ineffective. I think I have a dead one (mouse, not cat) somewhere in a wall…ewww. Love THAT holiday smell. Congratulations on removing your own alive…I generally just want to slap up the for sale sign!

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