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On Fridays I pick up Sam and we go to the local comic book and video store, before going to get Marcel. It is becoming a cherished ritual most weeks, thanks to the introduction of Miles Morales this fall.  I find that I need to get each issue the moment it comes out, and Sam loves poking around the store. Talk about a literacy teacher’s dream date.

He gets to pick out his own comic book, his reward for all his hard work at school.  I’m miserable at creating meaningful rituals around life passages, or holidays. But, I do a nice job creating things like this which we might do for the next ten years.  Each time we go the ritual expands. This time Sam requested we get a slice of greasy pizza between the two stops.  What a great chance for me to read this issue out loud to him.  It is our way of exhaling and changing gears into weekend mode. I have found it grounds us both.

Sammy pondering the school day as the slice cools/ Mama C and the Boys 2011

This evening, when it was time for story I came across this beautiful sight:

my comic book kid

When I came back with the camera, Sam asked me what a W-E-D-G-I-E was. Then he turned a few pages back and pointed out the following scene:


He cracked a huge smile and said; “See Mom, Bart can kiss his girlfriend and he isn’t 18!”

“Well Baby,” I answered in my sassy Mama voice,  “Bart doesn’t live under my roof!” And then I smiled and threatened to turn off the light. So much for putting off television until his teen years?


  1. It’s such a thrill to see Sam becoming such a reader snuggled up there with his comic book. Something both Grampy and I know will keep him in good stead for many many many years to come. Congratulations to Mom who is growing this young reader. Can’t wait to see you all very soon.

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