Still standing

Sir Marcel and his knight's pants, spray painted and dry/ Mama C and the Boys 2011

My cold got a cold.

An email from Sam’s school that turned into a red flag that became a series of conversations, a meeting and a great deal of progress in the right direction. Advocacy ain’t no joke.

A few dates.

Uncle’s oceanic journey giving way to my scheduling coverage adventure.

A parting and the deep loss that came with it.

Two invitations to facilitate an anti-bias workshop with educators, and an offer to submit a proposal for a book.

Halloween? Yes. Yes, I know where I put it.  It’s there under the paperwork for the roof estimate and the refinancing. Under the schedule for swimming lessons, and PTO meetings. It’s near the grocery list on the back of the lunch calendar.

Where are the snow shovels? In the cellar where they belong in October!

Oh no? Really. Check if there is one last roll in the pantry-next to the spare  five minutes I left there last month?


Are you still standing? How do you keep the balance from tipping? What was it about October? Happy November. May it bring some peace and ease, and CALM to all of us in need of it.


  1. I’ve never been so glad to see November! I can really relate to this post. Three cases of strep throat (4 if you count Grandpa) and a sinus infection. Rear ended by an unlicensed driver, a fire in the dishwasher and ruined carpet all the way to the sub-floor. Yes, here’s to a new month. Hoping things turn around for your family–soon!

  2. There’s truth in that old saying, when it rains it pours. I personally am very much looking forward to having the week off between Christmas and New Year’s to pretty much find that spare five minutes. However, life seems determined to make me take that vacation in 1 1/2 hour increments over a six week time frame, instead of taking the actual vacation time as vacation time. Last week the school called because of a fever. Today they called because of a dislodged retainer preventing Jupiter from closing her mouth all the way. And we haven’t even hit the mad rush known as December yet.
    good luck.

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