A little retrospect and a little Race on a birthday

Marcel and Mama--about six months/ Mama C and the Boys 2011

Me and Curly around one(?)

Oh hair/Mama C and the Boys 2011

and yesterday, our last photo shoot as a three year old:

OK so there is a little grief floating around. Something about a 4 and almost 7 year old, feels super far away from some of the sweet tenderness of parenting the wee ones. Yes, I know about all the good things to come, and the easiness of independent play, and how they can ride their bikes, and swim, and even make popcorn alone. But the little boy (read baby–but don’t say it out loud) part is all but a shadow walking away from me. What a sweet gift it has been, for this many years. OK and what insanity. So, bring on the next phase, with noise makers, baseball bats (outside only please) yellow streamers (Sam’s choice–yellow for Marcel and black for Sam-yes feel free to think about that or not) and a Storm Trooper cake on the horizon.

Your presents to unwrap at your leisure–for being the best readers ever-two links that were shared with me recently by readers (Thank you S and L!) that are really beautifully read together, from sources I knew nothing about:

1. “Why I Don’t Want to Talk about Race.” The Good Men Project Blog

2. “Why I want to talk about Race and why you should too.”  Role Reboot Blog

I am collecting resources for an informal gathering of educators in the winter. These would definitely fit the bill for read and discuss as a group! What articles/books are you reading these days to keep yourself lively in the discussion?


And welcome to my new subscribers in the last few weeks–there were five of you–HURRAH!  And a few new faces over on the book too! Loving the love!


  1. Sometimes your post seem like a little glimpse into the future for me. I appreciate them so much. You are an inspiration, truely.

  2. Theo is just over two, and I really revel in his toddlery ways. He can be just SO SO SO SO CUTE! I can see this cuteness to the public is still there but I also see that this period is quickly coming to a close. *sigh*

  3. Happy Birthday Marcel!! Yesterday, my Sam turned 4 also and I am right there with you trying not to spend too much energy missing the (hush) baby phase and instead focusing on the new challenges and excitement ahead!

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