Introducing the new Spider Man: Miles Morales

One of two covers for first issue telling how Miles Morales becomes Spider Man

You can be president.

You can be Spider Man.

I bought my copy, and one for my classroom yesterday. If you’ve never bought a comic book before, this might be the opportunity you were waiting for. I read the story last night, before I’ll share it with Sam. The content is pretty intense, complete with the new spider bite- but workable if we are sitting down together. That the character is in middle school is fantastic too- from this middle school teacher’s perspective. I love the cover above–which is not the one on the issue I got. But, the images inside are just as good. The next issue-“Who is Miles Morales?” goes on sale on September 28th. It is on my calendar.

The letters from the readers who will not have anything to do with this now that Peter Parker is dead, and a new Spider Man is on the scene are enough reason for me to encourage all of my readers to get out there, and grab a copy or ten.

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  1. I actually have a subscription for this set up at my local comic book shop. I bought the Ultimate Fallout issue where Peter died and Miles was officially introduced.

    I will NEVER forget a very important point in our last presidential election. I asked my son who he’d vote for. “Obama,” he said. “Why?” I asked. “Because he looks like me.”

    Yeah. I’m ALL for more Miles Morales.

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