Sling, score, first and last

What every apple orchard needs!
Go team! The first game of the season. Sam scored two goals when he decided to wake up!
the first day grin! Walking to our first day of school with Uncle
Capturing the last few hours of summer on a boat ride around the bay

Teacher Mama C here-a little beyond rubbery in the brain after all of our first days back to school. Great reports all around. First grade is; “so much easier than kindergarten.” Being a “big kid” at preschool makes you a “very important helper.”  For me the start of a new school year is always a hopeful and energizing time professionally.  I have an amazing job teaching literacy strategies to middle school students in a truly exceptional public school.  I feel highly valued in my profession. I absolutely love the students and the families that make up this unique learning community. Shifting into all that I manage as a full time teacher and a full time single mom is hard. But each year I get better at that too.  Uncle and I have come up with a help schedule that allows me several opportunities to go to the gym and a little other me time during the week, that I hope will work for all of us too.

Right now Sam is playing his electronic keyboard (louder and louder), while Marcel is lining up Legos for some kind of motor cross Storm Trooper event.

I am looking at this screen thinking; “Is this really all I got?” Yes. Yes, I’m afraid so. Hoping all of you are enjoying your own “fresh starts” that fall seems to embody even if you aren’t going back to school, or watching someone you love bravely step on that bus.


  1. Glad to hear the start of school is a success all around. We miss you guys and wish you a happy and fulfilling school year!

  2. Love the last picture of Marcel. I think scrapped knees are a sign of a great childhood! Call me strange… but I always smile to myself when Isaiah comes home from the park dirty with little scrapes on his knees! I know he had fun lol.

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