Capturing the last sweet moments (guest post)

My dad’s wife Phoebe, also known as Grammy, shares her reflections on shifting into the fall in her first appearance on Mama C and the Boys and the grandparents!

At G&G's house. (Sam, Mama C, Marcel, Grampy, Grammy, and Uncle)

Capturing the last sweet moments

Everyone is back home anticipating the school year.  And grandparents?  We too try to organize the fragments  of these special summers visits with family before plunging into the fall and the inevitable holidays.

Mama C wanted to hear how others are getting ready for the next season.  I should qualify this entry by letting you know that I am a “step” grandparent, having missed all the tough years of raising children.  Happily,  I am now part of grandparenting, with five grandchildren ages 3-18.

Like many, I have such enduring memories of times with my grandparents and the desire to pass on this gift.  Hoping that the grandchildren take home sweet moments visiting us, we also are hoping for these memorable times which sustain us throughout the year.

Grampy and I managed a vacation with each family this summer and precious “alone time” with the grandchildren.  I am gathering  the sweet moments of seeing them in the morning  get up sleepy- eyed and wander around trying to get reoriented to Grampy and Grammy’s place.  Laying out games of solitaire with playing cards as I remember my grandmother doing with me.  Making simple desserts together (who knew what an innovation instant pudding is).  And having one of those little people curl up on your lap to be cuddled.  For the one going off to college, we share the excitement and anxiety of leaving home for the first time, new found independence and ways we will stay connected.

For Grampy in particular there is a special joy in seeing his adult children as parents.  These parents  all have their styles and their philosophies which they patiently explain to us.  We are able to laugh when they describe the most extreme meltdown as a “phase of disequilibrium.”  These adult children show us patience, intelligence, humor and good will on a daily basis beyond what we can imagine. We are sustained by that.

So, in this in between time, before the fall begins, I am gathering up the photos and all these reflections on what a great summer we had together.

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